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Day 9 Newbie

Hilary Goll

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Hi everyone!

I started this program nine days ago. I've been semi-Paleo before, but major auto immune issues (Thyroid) has directed that I get a whole lot more serious about this.

It seems right now that I'm having a battle with my body, which I guess in a way I am. (Bloating, fatigue, random symptoms...)  I guess I'm looking for answers  

Anyway, looking forward to exploring this site!

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Hi Hilary, welcome!  

I am also on my first whole 30 and 10 days in.  Although I had no serious issues, I made the decision to start the W30 in hopes of finding more energy and getting back into the habit of cooking and eating regular meals.  In the past, I have struggled with various "food issues" so, I am also hoping to overcome those throughout this process.

I hope that your first nine days have been good and wish you the best of luck over the next three weeks!!

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