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Its late Halloween night and my husband and I are embarking on a Whole30 tomorrow. We've decided that we won't make any exceptions for Thanksgiving. Our kitchen is stocked and Whole30 compliant, but we still have lots of high FODMAP foods, nightshades and eggs.

I don't know why I'm having such a hard time committing to restricting those 3 categories. I have 3 different autoimmune diseases, and other digestive health problems. When I tried a Whole30 for the first time last month, I still had some horrible stomach cramps that kept me up at night - giving up grains and sugar wasn't enough. In the past week I've started taking digestive enzymes with HCL and oxbile and haven't had any stomach problems since.

My big goal is to heal my digestive system (and hopefully other systems) as much as possible in the next 30 days. I'm scheduled for a colonoscopy and other tests in December, and I want those to come out perfectly normal and healthy.

1) I will drink homemade bone/veggie broth several times each week

2) I will adhere to the Whole30 as strictly as possible

3) I will not eat any nuts (I know these are a problem for my digestive system)

4) I will limit nightshades, eggs and high FODMAP foods, but I might not strictly eliminate them

5) I will spend at least 15 minutes meal planning each day

- lack of planning has been a big downfall for me

And now to get some sleep!

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