cherry/cranberry concentrate


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I like to use cherry or cranberry concentrate (it's like a syrup) in my iced tea. Because it's concentrated I only use about a tablespoon per big (24oz) glass. There is nothing on the ingredient list but the fruit juice.

Is this allowed? I haven't had any this week (day 5 now). But, as usual for me, I am getting sick of just plain water!



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Thanks! I really only use a capful. I measured that out once and that's right at a tablespoon!

I think I will give one glass a try today and wait and see. If I have an afternoon of sugar craving I'll know that wasn't a good idea!

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The brand I have is Dynamic Health organic tart cherry or cranberry concentrate. I buy that one because it is the only brand available to me locally! I live in a small rural area, so I have to take what I can get!

I know I have purchased the cranberry concentrate at whole foods before, and the cherry at GNC. Shouldn't be hard to find at your local natural food store or amazon!

It's not expensive (16oz for $6.35 on amazon), and given that you're using a capful at a time a bottle lasts quite a while!

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