Help... Food addiction coming back!!


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Hi All.. Could use some pointers and support to get me back on track.

I have lost all drive to keep living the Whole30 lifestyle and exercise routine (Spent a year feeling like an absolute super star, yoga most days of the week with great Food Freedom after two rounds of Whole30).

My husband is out of town as am I for extended periods of time for work, and being alone has left me to my own devices. I need advice on how to get myself back on track, and to stop eating to make me "feel better" (surprise, it DOESN'T!) I remember and know well how it feels to be on that tiger blood lifestyle, and the guilt is eating me up that every day I am making these really bad decisions for my body and mind. Thanks in advance for any words of encouragement and advice....

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Hi @rpang,

Have you read Food Freedom Forever? I highly suggest that for the exercises and for the tips on how to maintain food freedom. Getting back on the wagon can start with an evaluation into what triggers you to eat to feel better and what is your relationship with food. It all starts with understanding yourself through honesty about what your triggers are for emotional eating (that's what it sounds like from your post). 

Meal prepping is always a great way to keep from emotional eating. I use meal prepping all the time now in my food freedom because I know I need that support or I can definitely be left to my own devices and emotional eating. I also like meal prepping now! Preparing something can help keep you on track. Take it one day at a time even with meal prepping!

The Food Freedom Forever book has way more recommendations and suggestions.  

Best advice I can give is don't beat yourself up!

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I know the feeling. I am in the same boat. At first, I started off with the reintro to see how I reacted to things. I automatically felt a difference. Tiger blood no more. It's now turned back into full Sugar Dragon. I read FFF and it made me rethink the way I viewed my food choices. I don't feel like i did something "bad" for eating garbage food, but know it makes my body feel gross and I wind up over eating or eating the wrong things. I would also suggest you read FFF. It's insightful.

I am planning a "reset" after this weekend.

@crossiter said it perfectly. Don't beat yourself up. You should NOT feel guilt from eating. 

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Hi @rpang. If the idea of doing another Whole30 or other reset is overwhelming/not realistic right now, I would recommend you just take it one day at a time. I recently read something about how the idea of being "on the wagon," and "off the wagon," is what's killing us. The person posting said something like, "You know how to fix your problems with food? GET OFF THE WAGON." I share this because I think the key here is just taking it one day, one meal, one good choice at a time. I am a very black-and-white, on-or-off person, so I thrive on the Whole30. However, Food Freedom is significantly more tricky for me (I really don't think I'm there yet). But rather than being hard on yourself and saying I HAVE to do this, or I CAN'T do that, or ALL IS LOST just take it one good meal at a time. Drop the "My diet starts tomorrow," mentality. Your diet is RIGHT NOW. The next thing you put in your mouth is part of your diet and is going to impact the way you feel. Make it count. ;) 

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