8 Pounds Down & My Relationship w/ Food


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I finished my Whole30 a few days ago, and I lost 8 pounds. I went from 155 to 147. I'm a 5'4" female in my early 30's. BUT, *more importantly* it became obvious to me that my relationship with food and my scale isn't serving me. Here are some of my Whole30 discoveries...

Realization: One of the hardest parts of Whole30 was not weighing myself which made me realize how much I let the scale define me. I used to weigh myself every morning and the number would lead to a cascade of feelings (good or bad depending on the number). This is such a limited way to view myself. To put it in perspective, if a friend judged me every morning based on my weight, I would kick that person out of my life. So why wasn't I treating myself with the same respect? 

New Commitment: I've decided to weigh myself far less (like 1X a month, if that). And instead, I'm now starting my days with a spiritual text - usually something about treating myself and others with kindness & compassion. I read articles that refocus my mind on the most important parts of life - human connection, nature, and simple, healthy living. I like starting the day on a positive note. It helps me live more mindfully.

Realization: When I go to the grocery store, I can really only shop in 2 out of the 12 grocery isles because the majority have unhealthy choices. This was a very clear sad realization about how our grocery stores are focused on shelf stable foods with preservatives and additives that prevent them from going bad. The majority of foods in stores do not support our health. I already knew this, but this fact became glaringly REAL during my Whole30.

New Commitment: Eat whole, healthy foods. Continue learning to cook. I don't need to be compliant 100% of the time since my Whole30 is over, but I'd like to respect my body and put healthy foods in it most of the time. I actually think it's healthy to eat "treats" once in awhile (for me personally, everyone is different). I think being too stringent can lead to a mentality where I'm chasing perfection...which doesn't exist. I like riding my bike. 

I'm in a reflective place, so I will try to come back and update this post after I've thought more about my experience. 


- J

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Thank you for sharing. I actually wrote down what you said toward the end about how being too stringent can lead to a mentality of chasing perfection. I'm an all-or-nothing kind of person. That's a good reminder that having some treats doesn't mean I'm a failure and my healthier lifestyle is now all down the tubes. I also like your realization about the scale. Thanks again.

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Thanks for this share.  I especially like:


if a friend judged me every morning based on my weight, I would kick that person out of my life.



 starting my days with a spiritual text - usually something about treating myself and others with kindness & compassion.


I think adding a positive happy mindset into the mix will be a big help when I start my Whole30 on 6/4!

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Yes - I agree about the benefits of treats and not becoming totally consumed by a strict eating plan (while Whole30 is strict, I actually really enjoy the meals, so I focus on how lucky I am to be able to have all of this tasty food!).

Great post, thanks for sharing! 

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Update to my Whole30 journey...

After my Whole30 ended, I reintroduced off-plan foods including:

1) ketchup

2) vodka & sparkling water (at social events)

3) sugar in some meat marinades

4) I've had ice cream 2-3 times, and I didn't go crazy and eat the whole container and it was good but not amazing

5) MORE nuts & fruit & potatoes per day

6) popcorn

7) butter

8) some other treats here and there, a bite of this, a bite of that

9) soy sauce

10) small amounts of rice

11) 1 or 2 cookies with wheat

12)  some off-plan oils

I lost 2 more pounds and am at 145...so 10 pounds total. I'm finally at a healthy BMI which is a huge victory for me. This was one of my goals as I know the risk for disease increases significantly when your BMI is over 25 (and yes, I know BMI isn't a perfect measurement, but it's still useful). And, I've maintained my weight (see chart) so this isn't one of those fad 'diets' where you lose weight and then rebound to a worse place than where you started. I've educated myself about whole foods. Stopped being afraid of fat. And, I've gained a lot of confidence and become more social. And, I am more optimistic. 

 After achieving success on this plan, I traveled and got sick. I wanted to make sure I wasn't undoing all the progress I'd made. So, I started weighing myself a lot. So, I didn't keep my promise to myself that I wouldn't weigh myself. This wasn't a good idea as it again has taken me to a place where I define myself by a number. So, I'm recommitting to breaking up with my scale. And reworking my thoughts that define myself worth. I wish I had some better news...but trying to be honest here so others might learn from my less-productive choices...


Screenshot 2017-07-02 08.00.46.png

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