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Drs office weighed

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Hmm... .tough one...given your date, I'd say no, but don't share the info on the forums and try not to let the results change how you feel about your non scale victories.  In the future, ask not to be told your weight.

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Understand, it was an 8 am appt and it didn't click with me until I left. I didn't start Whole 30 for my weight. I started it to see if my diet impacts my UC and my general overall health. And while weight wasn't my driver to the program, I was aware my body had changed as I can feel it in my clothes.

My results have been so good, I want to keep it up when my time is over with some adds like my lovely wine :). I can say no to beans and grains and not miss them but on maybe a holiday treat.  The cheese though....... 

Sleep amazingly nightly----no waking up

Energy all day is constant

NO bloating after meals

Not hungry between meals....almost have to remind myself to eat so I don't mess up my metabolism

Skin and hair results are promising.


Thank you for responding.

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