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Roasted Cashews


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Hi @Stacie0725 - if the ingredients are compliant then they are fine. Very often nuts are roasted in peanut oil. You might want to check the ingredients before consuming.

That said, nuts are not ideal for regular consumption (bloating, indigestion, poor Omega ratio, hard to stop, cravey) and are recommended as "limited" which could be construed as one closed handful every other day or so. 

If you are needing to snack between regularly spaced meals, then you can assume your meals are not large enough to get you through. You should be able to comfortably go 4-5 hours between. If you are "planning" on bringing the nuts because you know you have to go do errands after work and it extends meal time, plan to bring something more suitable such as a hard boiled egg, meatballs etc. Our recommendation if you do need to eat between meals is protein + fat or protein + veggies. But you really should be trying to compose your meals and plan your day such that you don't run into needing snacks while out running errands.

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