Day 7, Not feeling well after dinner at night


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Just a quick note, It's day 7 and I am sooo lucky to have my best friend and husband on the bandwagon with me, we are doing this together, so we share our feelings up and down.  One I am having (last 3 days) my stomach does not feel in the evening.

I have always been a conscientious food preparer, as far as eating mostly veggies and whole foods, not processed. I have never been on a diet or food plan in my life. I have always just listened to my body, hungry=eat.  Granted I didn't make the same choices that I am now, and I sure miss my chips, but none the less, I am not a sugar craver, not an overeater, not a bag of chocolate covered almonds a night (because they are healthier for you) kind of eater.

 I seem to just not feel good at night. Is this anything anyone else has gone through? My hubby says he feels fine. Just didn't think I was changing up my diet that much to make a difference. Thoughts? I go to bed at least 2 hours after dinner and have plenty of water. Just makes me wonder if I am doing the right thing. 

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Sorry you're not feeling well.  Without knowing what you've been eating, it's not possible for anyone to tell you if this is something that can be tweaked or not.  If you would like specific feedback, please provide your meals for the last 3-4 days including portion sizes related to template, specific veggies, protein, fat and fruits, fluid intake etc... 

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