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Whole 30 Desperado: Weight loss, wine & will power


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Okey dokey. I am 55, hypothyroid and possible/probably drink too much red wine. 

Weight has never been an issue for me until the last five years, and now I have closet full of clothes that are too tight or unwearable without looking foolish. I tried on bathing suits yesterday and wondered where in the heck that old lady body came from? 

Despite working out  with both cardio and weights,  I am  about 10 to 15 lbs overweight. I have a feeling it is more due to the alcohol than my actual food intake as I'm a pretty healthy eater. My theory is that  combined with my age, hypothyroid, and menopause that alcohol doesn't just add calories, it actively slows your metabolism down. I love my hearty red wines, and it will be my most difficult temptation.

My current weight is between 142-145 and I am 5' 5". I'll post measurements at the end. Don't think I can face it right now.

My first Whole 30 did change the way I look at food. I eat more protein and far less pasta than I used to.  In fact, I had to get my driver's license picture done and its one of my best pictures as my face was less puffy. How sad is that! :(

Bottom line, I think I am doing the Whole 30 as much to put parameters on my alcohol intake as for the weight loss and health benefits.

I whole-heartedly believe that proper diet and exercise can transform your body and health; I just hope I have the self-control and will power to do it.

Good luck everyone!

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Day 2 and I am not in a puddle of poor lonesome me so far. Even though my eating habits were pretty good before, I definitely ate less pasta and bread after my first Whole 30 in June 2015. So, hoping that the Carb Flu won't be so bad this time. Last time it was June, our AFS exchange student son had returned to Norway which depressed all of us, and we lived in Phoenix where it was well over 108. 


Now, up in Flagstaff and the big drop for me is the elimination of wine. Not quite sure how the next week will be, but so far so good.




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