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First Whole30-May 29th Start


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Day 1: 

Today went well despite not being able to fully prepare ahead of time. Since I was traveling over the weekend, I was unable to do meal prepping. Luckily, I had some Whole30-approved foods on hand. 

Breakfast: Eggs with broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots (from a steamable bag of mixed vegetables) cooked in coconut oil and coffee with almond milk. Good start to the morning.

Lunch: Epic bar with the other half of the vegetable bag. Needed to add fat and probably more protein.

Dinner: Ribeye steak, roasted potatoes, and cauliflower. I loved it and was super satisfied after eating.

Most of my day was devoted to meal prep, so I am definitely prepared for the rest of week. I'm feeling good at the end of my Day 1 of Whole30.

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Day 2: 

I am still feeling good physically--no hangover type feelings that apparently a lot of people get. I felt like I ate really well today and enjoyed everything that I ate a lot. I'm wondering if I'm eating too much though.

Breakfast: 1/2 Spinach Frittata recipe (from The Whole30) and coffee with full-fat coconut milk. I had grapes packed too but was full from the frittata so I didn't eat them.

Lunch: 1/2 Protein Salad recipe (Traditional version from The Whole30), a banana and the grapes I didn't eat at breakfast. 

**Coworkers were trying some of the Epic Sesame Chicken bites I had, so I had a couple pieces--they are like jerky.

Dinner: 1/4 Ground Meat recipe (Mexican Turkey version from The Whole30), homemade guacamole, cauliflower and coconut water. 

I definitely felt full all day. I'm not really used to that which I think is why I feel like I ate too much. I guess I'm used to dieting during which I don't feel like I've eaten a ton. This probably shows I really needed to rethink the way I was eating before Whole30.

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Day 3: 

Still going on strong--no sugar hangover. I was just a little tired, but it could have been from my 5 AM workout and then 6 PM tennis. I was able to stick to just 2 cups of coffee this morning. I did celebrate a small win as well. After tennis when I usually go have a drink with my hitting partner, he and I were able to avoid it. We ended up in the fun part of town where there are the best bars, but we were still able to avoid the alcohol--despite how much we both wanted a refreshing beer. 

**Pre-workout: 1/2 Coconut Cream Pie Larabar

Breakfast: 1/2 Cauliflower Fried Rice recipe (from The Whole30), 2 hardboiled eggs, a banana, and coffee with coconut milk. I didn't finish the cauliflower rice.

Lunch: 1/4 Ground Meat recipe (leftovers), 1/2 Roasted Vegetables recipe (with kale, onions, and bell peppers from The Whole30), and an apple. 

Dinner: 1/4 Ground Meat recipe (same leftovers), cauliflower, homemade guacamole (leftovers), and coconut water.

**After dinner, I was still hungry (or at least thought I was), so I had grapes and a pack of Epic Sesame Chicken bites. 

I've been drinking Tangerine LaCroix everyday too.

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Day 4: 

I was starting to feel tired. I can't tell if it's from my body adjusting or from working out and not the best amount of sleep. Overall I still am doing well with staying on the plan. I feel full all day with no desire to snack.

Breakfast: Leftover Frittata with an apple and coffee with coconut milk.

Lunch: Leftover Protein Salad and grapes with a Tangerine LaCroix.

Dinner: Eggs over lettuce and 1/2 Pan Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Butternut Squash recipe (from The Whole30) with leftover homemade guacamole.

I felt satisfied all day with regard to hunger, but I was very tired. I'm going to try to focus on logging more sleep hours.

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Day 5:

I'm still tired, but I made it to 5:45 spin class this morning which was definitely needed. I've been a little stressed out recently and can tell that I am hungrier or, rather, like to munch when I'm stressed. I think I've been doing a good job so far avoiding stressed eating.

Breakfast: Leftover cauliflower rice, hard boiled eggs and an apple with coffee and coconut milk.

Lunch: Leftover Ground Meat and Pan Roasted Vegetables with grapes and a LaCroix.

Dinner: Zoodles with bison meat sauce and grapes and coconut water.

Tomorrow is my first Saturday of Whole30. I have already planned my meals, so I expect it to go well!

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Day 6 and Day 7:

I have been without internet for the past few days, so I will be logging about both Days 6 and 7 (hopefully, I can remember everything).

Overall, my weekend went well. Days 6 and 7 fell on Saturday and Sunday. I found that Friday night through Sunday was tough at times without internet (and, therefore, cable) to distract myself from my cravings. Instead of going out for dinner and drinks, I found that I had to find other ways to keep myself entertained outside of technology. It caused me to try other, healthier habits of keeping my mind off eating. I ended up reading before bed instead of watching TV. I found myself excited for my pilates and spin classes. I was happy to meal prep while listening to music instead of having the TV going on in the background. 

At some points during my weekend, I could tell that my mood changed drastically when I was not fueling my body properly. On Sunday morning, the AT&T technician was supposed to show up (after 2 other technician-failed attempts fixing the issue) by noon and never did. I had eaten a small breakfast before a high-intensity spin class since I have a hard time eating a lot before working out. When I finished the class and when noon passed, I was extremely irritated that the AT&T technician never showed and never communicated with me that he would either show up later or just completely bail. I realized that I was hungry too and that my mood change may be attributed to lack of proper nutrition. Once I ate a full, well-balanced meal, I felt so much better and was able to handle the situation with more of a level-head. 

While the internet issue still has not been resolved, I feel better equipped to handle entertaining myself without technology and identifying with my "hangriness" when it arises. 


Day 6 Breakfast: Prosciutto, 1/2 Pan-Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Butternut Squash recipe, 1/2 avocado?, and coffee with coconut cream.

**Epic Sesame Chicken Bites after my workout

Day 6 Lunch: Homemade chili (from a friend who is also doing Whole30 with me)

Day 6 Dinner: Ground bison and onion (leftovers from Friday), sweet potato, a bunch of steamed broccoli, ghee, coconut water, and a banana. 


Day 7 Breakfast: Celery sticks, walnut & cashew nut butter (this is why I was so irritated by lunch time) and coffee.

Day 7 Lunch: Ground bison and onion with tomato sauce over zucchini noodles (leftovers from Friday night) and half an avocado with an apple.

Day 7 Dinner: Steak with horseradish (pickled--not cream/sauce), potatoes sauteed in ghee, steamed vegetables (broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower) with salt and pepper, 1/2 avocado, banana, a small peach and coconut water.


I hope I have internet by tonight so that I can keep logging my days on the forum and catch up on my favorite TV show as my treat for making it through Day 8!

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Day 8:

I am still going on strong. I am not tired as much as I was last week. I made sure to sleep a lot over the weekend considering I did not have internet. I noticed that I did not really feel the need to press "Snooze" when my alarm went off. I think I am still a little anxious which may be induced by my body healing. My internet is still have some problems, and I am finding that I am becoming frustrated with the situation a lot. I still think it's the crankiness of a new nutrition plan. 

Breakfast: Chicken, steamed vegetable, 1/2 avocado, and coffee with coconut cream.

Lunch: 1/3 Protein Salad (Traditional) recipe over greens, small peach, and a tangerine LaCroix.

Dinner: 1/2 Poached Salmon with Dill and Cucumber Sauce (from The Whole30; SO AMAZING!), steamed vegetable, coconut water, a banana and a small yellow mango.

I think I have been overdoing it on the fruit during dinner as a replacement for sweets. I am going to try on Day 9 to avoid fruit during dinner entirely. 

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Day 9:

The crankiness I was feeling seems to have gone away. I had two workouts--one morning and one evening--including lifting and spin class, so I was pretty tired by the end of the day. I remained pretty fully throughout the day despite my energy exertion which was awesome. 

Breakfast: 1/2 Spinach Frittata recipe and coffee with coconut cream and almond milk.

Lunch: Leftover Poached Salmon, banana, and LaCroix.

Dinner: 1/3 Steak Salad recipe (from The Whole30; also amazing), coconut water, and a banana.

I didn't avoid the fruit at dinner time. I was still hungry, so I went for it and don't feel bad about it because I was hungry. 

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Day 10 and 11:

I can tell my energy in the morning is improving a bit. I'm naturally a morning person but certainly do hit the snooze button. I find now that I am not having to do so. I think my crankiness is persisting a bit, but I am not feeling as bad as the end of last week. I found that on Day 10 I was particularly hungry so ended up eating a bit more. On Day 11, I had my first Whole30 restaurant experience. I definitely felt awkward and pain in the butt when I had to ask what was in all the food items, but I made it through and am happy I did. I found it kind of cool that when I went out to dinner--something that I looked forward to often before my Whole30--I knew that I was missing out on a really good meal I could have made at home. I preferred my Whole30, home-cooked meals to the restaurant food. Granted, I did have to make alterations and ended up eating relatively plain and bland foods, but I still think that it's a step in the right direction.


Day 10 Breakfast: 1/3 Steak Salad recipe (leftovers), coffee with coconut milk, and tea.

Day 10 Lunch: 1/3 Protein Salad (leftovers), mango, vegetable medley, Suja Probiotic Water and LaCroix

Day 10 Dinner: Egg, prosciutto, sweet potato, steamed vegetable, mango, and coconut water.

**Roobois tea after dinner


**Walnut butter before morning workout

Day 11 Breakfast: 1/2 Frittata recipe (leftovers), banana, coffee with coconut milk, and tea.

Day 11 Lunch: 1/3 Steak Salad recipe (leftovers) and LaCroix.

Day 11 Dinner: (1st restaurant experience on Whole30--BJ's) Plain grilled shrimp side, steamed broccoli, guacamole with carrots and celery, and Epic Chicken Bites (I was still hungry after due to another two-workout day).

**Roobios tea and coconut water after dinner


I'm excited for the weekend now. I am looking forward to going to the store and having my whole Friday evening devoted to making myself a really good meal!

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Day 12: 

I am noticing a huge improvements in my skin. I had started having issues a couple months ago, and now it is back to being all cleared up and quite possibly even better than before. Also, in January I sprained my ankle pretty bad. Since then it has healed for the most part, but I do still have swelling after long days of sitting or standing at my desk. The blood would seem to pool there, and it would become extremely inflamed--think kankles. I noticed it would moslty happen after a night of drinking but could become swollen random days too--especially if I was traveling. Since starting Whole30--no swelling, and my ankle feels great! I am no longer embarrassed to wear flats and cropped pants at work.

**Pre-workout: Walnut & cashew butter

Breakfast: Smoked salmon, roasted kale, onion, and Brussels sprouts, coffee with coconut milk and almond milk, and a mango.

Lunch: 1/3 Protein Salad recipe and LaCroix.

Dinner: Chicken sausage, sweet potato, steamed vegetables, jicama, cucumber, Vim & Vitae juice, coconut water and a pear.

Since it was Friday and I would have loved a cocktail, I bought the Vim & Vitae Spicy-Rita juice and mixed it with coconut water and sparkling water instead. I'm not going to lie... it would have been wonderful with tequila or mezcal mixed with it, but it was a great substitute. I will definitely be trying it as a cocktail when Whole30 is up... maybe Day 32???

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Day 13 and 14:

The weekend went well. I can tell I'm getting better at meal prepping. My energy levels are up. This next week I am going to focus more on mindfulness when I eat. I've mostly been sitting in front of a computer or TV when I eat and find myself consuming my meals quickly. Next week I will do my best to make sure there are no distractions. 


Day 13 Breakfast: Almond butter, celery, and coffee with almond milk (right before workout). 

Day 13 Lunch: Eggs, zucchini noodles, mushrooms and marinara sauce with a pear and LaCroix

Day 13 Dinner: Chicken Stir-Fry with cauliflower rice and Vim & Vitae juice, coconut water and a pear.


Day 14 Breakfast: Larabar (right before workout again) and coffee with coconut cream.

Day 14 Lunch: Leftover Chicken Stir-Fry, avocado, a peach and LaCroix.

Day 14 Dinner: Shredded Buffalo Chicken with sautéed and steamed vegetable, coleslaw, an apple, peach and banana (probably too much fruit). 

**Tea after dinner


I need to have a more substantial breakfast on the weekends. By dinner, I am really hungry even if I've had a good lunch. I tend to reach for sweeter foods at dinner when I haven't had a well-balanced breakfast--hence the 3 pieces of fruit at dinner on Day 14. 

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Day 15:

Made it halfway! I have definitely noticed an improvement in my skin and energy levels. I really do not have the afternoon slumps. It's either Whole30 or my work is becoming a little busier. Either way, I think that the Whole30 is going well for me. I am starting to have the dreams, though, during which I accidentally eat a cookie or bread, and I wake up thinking I've thrown all my hard work away. It's super weird. 

Breakfast: Chicken sausage, roasted vegetables (eggplant, onion, and bell peppers), avocado?, and coffee with almond milk.

Lunch: Shredded Buffalo Chicken Salad with coleslaw over baby kale. 

**Afternoon tea

Dinner: Buffalo chicken (leftovers), egg, broccoli, sweet potato, apple, peach, banana, and splash of Blueprint juice in sparkling water. 

I definitely did not work on my mindful eating and found myself craving something sweet at dinner time. I am aware this is a habit that I need to break--considering I am just substituting it with fruit. I will not be having fruit at all with dinner now unless it's a splash of juice or a lime wedge in sparkling water. 

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Day 16 and 17:

I have been doing much better with handling my sweet cravings after dinner... and every other meal for that matter. I have been focusing on mindfulness and limit distractions while I eat. That has been surprisingly difficult since all I want to do is surf the internet while I watch TV and down my dinner. I am definitely appreciating my food more now though. On Day 16, I had an office potluck. I brought fruit salad, and a coworker brought compliant broccoli salad. I was able to say, "No" to everything else but was still happy and able to participate in the event. 

**Pre-workout: 1/2 Lemon Bar Larabar

Day 16 Breakfast: 1/2 Spinach Frittata recipe (it's one of my favorites--in case you couldn't tell), avocado, and coffee with almond milk.

Day 16 Lunch: Fruit salad, compliant broccoli salad, crudite vegetables (all from the office party) then chicken sausage, steamed broccoli (from my packed lunch) and LaCroix

Day 16 Dinner: 1/2 Roasted Root Vegetables with Curry Sauce recipe (from The Whole30), eggs, avocado?, and splash of Blueprint juice in sparkling water.

**Pre-workout: Cashew Butter

Day 17 Breakfast: Chicken sausage, roasted vegetables (eggplant, onion, and bell peppers), avocado, and coffee with almond milk.

Day 17 Lunch: Shredded Buffalo Chicken Salad with coleslaw over baby kale and LaCroix.

Day 17 Dinner: Prosciutto, egg, sweet potato, steamed vegetables, compliant buffalo sauce, and Blueprint and coconut water in sparkling water.

I will be spending the weekend with my family for Father's Day, so I may have some obstacles. I believe that I am prepared. My family knows that I am doing Whole30, so I am certain they will help keep me on track. I know for a fact that whenever I go to my parents' house, I am surrounded by sweets and gluten-laden foods--all of which I love. Since it will be unavoidable to be around them, I will make sure to not even indulge just the idea of looking at them or thinking about them. I know I will stick to the rules this weekend, so it will not even be an issue. 

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Day 18:

I've been really proud about not consuming fruits when I crave sweets. On Day 18, I really felt like I needed anything that would give me a sugar fix. I certainly considered caving and eating the kiwi in my fridge but didn't. During the day, I find my cravings not bad. It's really just during or after dinner. 

Additionally, I've started waking up naturally and fully energized in the morning when my alarm would usually go off. My gym performance 

Breakfast: 1/2 Frittata (leftovers), avocado, and coffee with coconut cream.

Lunch: 1/2 Roasted Root Vegetables with Curry Sauce recipe (from The Whole30), eggs, and LaCroix.

Dinner: Prosciutto, egg, sweet potato, steamed vegetables, compliant buffalo sauce, and Blueprint and coconut water in sparkling water.

I've officially decided that I will be rewarding myself for finishing Whole30 by buying myself a KitchenAid mixer! Who says I need to wait until I'm married to have one....? 

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Day 19, 20, and 21:

This weekend I visited my parents in my hometown. It was quite the whirlwind of a weekend--which explains why I haven't taken the time to log my meals. Oh and on top of that when I return to my apartment, my internet was out... again. AT&T really needs to step up their game, or this relationship is over.

Anyways, my family was very much aware that I am doing the Whole30, so they were more than happy to try all the meals I cooked for them. My sister even kept my dad from adding non-compliant seasoning to our steaks. Despite having a food-wise compliant weekend, I think I overate. I paid for it on Saturday morning with a stomach ache. This week, I will be doing much better though considering I pre-ordered Territory meals in the smaller portion. 

Day 19 Breakfast: Eggs, steamed vegetables and coffee with coconut milk.

Day 19 Lunch: Leftover Buffalo Chicken, Coleslaw over greens.

Day 19 Dinner: Zucchini, Mushrooms, and Broccolini sauteed with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce (from The Whole30) and ground beef, watermelon, coconut water, and Trader Joe's red juice.

**After dinner: tea

**Pre-workout: Brazil nuts and almonds

Day 20 Breakfast: Spinach Frittata with avocado, and coffee with coconut milk.

Day 20 Lunch: Brazil nuts, almonds, small portion of zucchini, mushrooms, and broccolini with meat and pepper sauce, and peach with coconut water and red juice.

Day 20 Dinner: Ribeye with some horseradish, sauteed mushrooms, Greek Salad (from The Whole30), watermelon, and tons of sweet potato cut like fries.

**After dinner: tea

Day 21 Breakfast: Small portion of leftover Spinach Frittata and steak, avocado, pear, and coffee with coconut milk.

Day 21 Lunch: Epic Chicken Bites, Larabar, and kalamata olives (travelling all day).

Day 21 Dinner: (Attempted to make chicken salad from canned chicken and homemade mayo that had separated; had a couple tastes and didn't like it so I dumped it) Leftover Buffalo Chicken (that I had frozen), steamed California-blend vegetables with spinach, kiwi, small bit of mayo and clarified butter with Vim & Vitae juice. 

When I was at my parents' house, I definitely found myself craving sweets and alcohol. I found that it is likely because I feel relaxed when I'm there. I feel like I can ease up on whatever diet I'm on and just "enjoy" myself--like it is a mini vacation. After dinner both nights, I REALLLLLY wanted candy. It was super helpful that my mom knew I was doing the Whole30, so I knew she would say something if I went into the pantry to grab some. Also, she was very understanding and considerate that I would never have the heart to "throw it all away" for a handful... or quite possible a binge... of candy and sweets in front of her. 

When I returned to my apartment, I wanted sweets--which is what I usually eat after a trip. Instead, I did eat kiwis and know that it wasn't the best, but I know a new week is ahead of me. I won't indulge my sugar cravings!

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Day 22:

I definitely caved--but not in the sense of eating something that was not compliant. I ended up eating a Larabar after dinner. I am very aware that it was because I didn't eat enough throughout the day, and the craving was likely a mix of my body compensating for not eating enough and of course my sweet tooth. During the remainder of the days, I will make sure to consume a sufficient amount of fats and have a well-balanced meal. 

Breakfast: 1 Boost-sized Territory (Chicken Ropa Vieja) meal and coffee with coconut milk.

Lunch: 1 Boost-sized Territory (Tandoori Chicken) meal and LaCroix

Dinner: Eggs, roasted vegetables (cauliflower, onions, carrots), spinach, salsa, ghee, kiwi, and Vim Vitae juice.

**After dinner: Larabar

The Territory meals are definitely convenient, but I definitely miss the meals I was cooking from The Whole30. Hopefully, I have some time this weekend to meal prep, or I will have to order again--maybe I'll try Snap Kitchen this time.

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Day 23 and 24:

Just another week! I am finding that I really want to weigh myself. I am super curious to see how much I've lost/gained. I have noticed my body composition changing for the better, but I'm not sure if I've actually lost weight. So far, I am happy with the changes. I am a little bit dreading finishing the Whole30, though. I have friends that are looking forward to partying with me when I am done. I want to participate a lot, but I don't. I would like to continue to feel good, but I know that once I can have "xyz," it may be a downward spiral--which tells me I may need to stick to the plan a little longer. I have already mentioned to them that I will not be indulging much because I don't want to feel bad. It's been well-received as of now. 

Day 23 Breakfast: 1 Boost-sized Territory (Braised Pork and Yuca Fries) meal and coffee with coconut milk.

Day 23 Lunch: 1 Boost-sized Territory (Ground meat and Poached Egg) meal bell peppers with guacamole, and LaCroix.

Day 23 Dinner: Eggs, cauliflower, asaparagus, ghee, and Vim Vitae juice.

**Epic Turkey Almond Bar

Day 24 Breakfast: 1 Boost-sized Territory (Beef Stir Fry) meal, kiwi, and coffee with coconut milk.

Day 24 Lunch: 1 Boost-sized Territory (Mexican Fajitas) meal, bell peppers with guacamole, and LaCroix.

Day 24 Dinner: Ground bison, zucchini noodles, compliant pasta sauce, mushrooms, broccoli, apple, and 1/2 Larabar.

I caved for the Larabar again but still found it a small win that I distracted myself from eating the other half. 

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Day 25 and 26: 

I'm in the home stretch now! I can't believe just 4 more days. I'm already so proud of how far I've come. I am surprised I was able to give up so many foods and stick with it. For the most part, I did not feel like I was missing out on too much other than maybe the happy hours or beers-while-watching-the-game evenings. Since I still haven't been able to stop craving sweets after dinner, I will likely continue to avoid any sweet foods once I've finished my last meal of the day. Not eating fruit with dinner (or throughout the day for the most part) has helped curb the craving and break my habit. 

**Pre-workout: 1/2 Larabar

Day 25 Breakfast: Ground bison, broccoli, kiwi, and coffee with coconut milk and almond milk.

Day 25 Lunch: Madras Chicken Salad (recipe found online) over greens and LaCroix.

Day 25 Dinner: Poached Chicken Breast (leftover from chicken salad--no dressing, etc.), compliant pasta sauce, zucchini noodles, mushrooms, asparagus, homemade aioli (from Primal Kitchen).

**Tried a little cashew milk I just bought.

**Pre-workout: Epic Chicken Bites

Day 26 Breakfast: Ground bison (leftovers), asparagus, guacamole, bell pepper, and coffee with coconut milk.

Day 26 Lunch: Madras Chicken Salad (leftovers) over greens, Snap Kitchen cauliflower, and LaCroix.

Day 26 Dinner: Chicken and Apple Sausage, sweet potato, homemade aioli (mayo from Primal Kitchen), broccoli, mushrooms, Vim Vitae, and coconut water.

I'm still very grateful to have been doing Whole30 with a friend. It definitely helped keep me on track and held me accountable for the entirety. I am also a firm believer that a major reason I made it through was knowing that I would have to tell friends and family that I quit and decided to cut the whole program short. I did not want to disappoint anyone or make me look like a quitter. I highly recommend being "that" person that talks about their nutritional/dietary habits while on Whole30 because it will likely hold you accountable when you picture yourself telling your mom you decided to give up on the program. 

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Day 27:

It is days like this one that makes me feel like I'm not on any restricted nutrition plan. I ate really well and enjoyed it all. I overate a dinner a bit, but it was very satisfying. I continue to feel really great about my progress and feel really good. The only issue I have had is waking up the following morning (Day 28) with a little bit of a stomach ache--likely from too much food... oopsies.

Breakfast: Eggs, celery, mushrooms, bell pepper, hot sauce, and coffee with coconut milk. 

Lunch: Chicken sausage, roasted vegetables (brussel sprouts, onion, bell pepper, and sweet potato), and homemade aioli.

Dinner: Beef and vegetable stir fry (coconut aminos, orange juice, ghee), cauliflower "polenta?", pork belly, fruit salad, and Vim Vitae juice and coconut water.

Three more days to go!

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Day 28:

I'm finding my sleep habits are not as great as they were halfway through the Whole30. I am fairly certain I know that it's because I surf the internet and watch TV right up until I fall asleep. I have been staying up late-ish too just because I keep clicking on random Youtube videos or things I want to buy. The daily Whole30 email from yesterday (Day 27) definitely resonated with me (yes, I read the email late). It talked about starting another habit for the next 30 days. I think I am going to turn off my computer before I eat dinner. That seems to be my biggest distraction from going to bed at a reasonable hour. I've also been clicking away while I eat dinner which is really not good--very un-mindful. I think that it will certainly become a habit pretty quickly once I start powering down for the next couple of weeks.

Breakfast: Leftover stir-fry, strawberries, and coffee with coconut milk.

Lunch: Epic Chicken Sriracha Bar

Dinner: Chicken sausage, cauliflower, mushrooms, broccoli, aioli, sweet potato, pineapple juice, and Vim Vitae juice.

Two more days!

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Day 29:

This has been quite the experience over the past month. I had a coworker ask me if it was actually worth it. Just to be able to tell myself I accomplished this is totally worth it for me. Being in my mid-20s, going out to drink on the weekends (and sometime weekdays) is the typical activity to do with friends. While I never actually went out much or experienced the in-person temptation of drinking while with my friends, I was able to adjust my lifestyle so that I do not feel the need to participate in every "going out" night. I enjoy meal prep on Sunday instead of a boozey brunch. Don't get me wrong... I still plan to enjoy good cocktails and a nice glass of wine (or two), but there's no need to stay out to the wee hours in the morning going overboard. Plus, I really like being about to get myself out of bed at a reasonable hour on Saturday to workout now.

**Pre-workout: Cashew butter

Breakfast: Roasted vegetables (leftovers), hard-boiled eggs, guacamole, and coffee with coconut milk and cashew milk. 

Lunch: 1/3 Chicken Chowder (from The Whole30) recipe and LaCroix.

Dinner: 1/2 Spinach Frittata, avocado, and Vim Vitae juice.

One more day!

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Day 30: 

I made it! Thirty days of clean eating and taking care of myself. I am so proud to say that I completed the Whole30. It's been empowering. I have not yet weighed myself, but all the non-scale victories have been worth the 30 days without sugar, alcohol, gluten, legumes, etc. It did not seem as tough as I had expected it to me. While I had occasional cravings, I never felt deprived. I was certainly well fed which made me in a better mood and energized. My skin has been clear for most of the 30 days, and the habits I have developed regarding meal prep and cooking during the week are definitely wins! I am grateful for the experience and recommend it to anyone in a rut in need of a chance of pace in his or her life. 

**Pre-workout: Epic Chicken Bites

Breakfast: Hard-boilded eggs, 1/2 Cauliflower Fried Rice (from The Whole30) recipe, and coffee with coconut milk and cashew milk.

Lunch: Spinach Frittata (leftovers), guacamole, and LaCroix.

Dinner: 1/2 Melissa's Chicken Hash (from The Whole30) recipe, cauliflower, avocado, orange, strawberries, and juice with seltzer water.

I officially completed my first Whole30!

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