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Sciatica, Weight-Gain, Emotionally Drained, Oh-My!

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This is my first time starting Whole30. I am a 36 years-old female and struggling with chronic sciatica down both legs. My blood-work is normal outside of low B12. MRI shows minor herniation, but not bad enough for surgery or even the pain and numbness I am experiencing, and yet I still have this darn sciatica since Nov. 2015.

Sounds like a long time? It is, which is why I am here.

I am 5'2" and 133#. I used to be between 105-110, but since I quit smoking several years back, that number keeps rising. That may not seem like a lot of weight, but every lb matters when it comes to the spine I am told, so I am hoping this diet will also help me shed some pounds along with some unwanted inflammation. 

Anyone else have an experience they want to share with me to provide me with a little hope? I am pretty groggy and down today, so would love some inspiring words. 

Thanks Whole30ers!

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Hello Pink Bananas (love the name!)...I'm so sorry about your sciatica.  I lived with severe sciatica for about 7 years.  Tried everything, MRI showed only minor bulges.  An inversion table (the Teeter Totter) made a world of difference, not completely gone but livable. Then about 5 years ago, my lower back began to get worse, almost debilitating.  Add in neck pain, hips, and bone spurs in shoulders.  Doctor to doctor. I really felt there was a systemic issue that no one found. Long story short...shoulder bone spur removal in August, then back got worse and ended up with a spinal fusion on L4/L5 in December 2016.  Recovery of both my surgeries isn't going terrific and surgeon and physical therapists all feel there is an undiagnosed autoimmune issue.  Saw another rheumatologist yesterday and she said I definitely have hypermobility syndrome and also suspects auto immune disease ankylosing spondylitis.  Xrays, blood work and CT scan next week will tell more.  So...my first thought of what I can do is an anti inflammatory diet. 

I don't mean to discourage you...I'm sure there are many, many others on this forum with undiagnosed similar stories.  But two things I would say...look into an inversion table.  It really did work  for much of the sciatica.  And the fusion completely eliminated it.  (Dealing with pain on the right that may actually be irritation from the screws).  And keep asking around for good recommendations of doctors.  Maybe another spine doctor.  My MRI showed mild-moderate stenosis but when he got in there, he said there was absolutely no space at all for that nerve.  Mri's don't show everything plus different techs have different opinions.  And lastly, as soon as I'm able, I'm going to see my sister in law who is a Pilates instructor, and we'll work on a customized plan.  All the best and I'll keep you in my prayers, Pink Bananas!

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