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May 29 = Day 1


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My mom and I started together yesterday. I messed up and had milk in my coffee first thing!! But I've been good since. I've already realized that eating out is hard -- I had to google what is okay to eat at Chipotle (where I often get a quick, relatively healthy lunch and it lasts me 2-3 lunches) and found that I can basically only have lettuce and carnitas! (All the other meats are cooked in soybean oil.)

I'm noticing the Day 2 "hangover" feeling noted in the "Whole30 Timeline." I'm sluggish/tired and hungry even though I'm eating regular quantities. I already eat pretty healthily (no fast food unless you count Chipotle, no sugary beverage habit, lots of veggie/protein-based meals, but I also regularly eat cheese and crackers, quinoa, rice, legumes, and other things that are restricted... I also have about 1 drink/day, usually wine, and sometimes more on the weekends. I'm honestly surprised how much a day and a half of these changes is affecting me. (Though we did go to a wedding the day before Day 1...maybe that has something to do with it!)

My mom is not feeling the hangover effect on Day 2 -- she had already been following a no-added-sugar/limited processed carbs diet for about 5 months (intended to rebalance hormones and contribute to overall health). For her, the Whole30 additionally cuts out quinoa, brown rice, legumes, limits nuts, etc. (She already doesn't drink and never has.) It's stressing her out a bit how limited her options are now, especially because she is also trying to identify the source of a rash that has been traveling across her arms and back, and she is currently testing out nixing eggs...

Anyways, I'm glad I have a partner in this. I'm dreading the "I want to kill everything" and "I want a nap" phases because, if they comes when the timeline says, they'll be right smack in the middle of my busiest time at work this weekend. But, there's never a "perfect" time to make a change, so I'm going for it now while I have a partner in it. :)

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