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Day 3...


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Day 3...May 31st 2017

Still doing well. Feeling very inspired and concocting all kinds of beautiful plates of Good Food!

Made a brussels sprouts and smoked salmon hash for breakfast

Started adding cardamom to my coffee instead of milk and coconut milk (not a fan)

Learned to use a Vegeti for spiralized zuchinni

whipped up the mayo today.  And it tasted like...MAYO!!!!!

Super excited to make up recipes with lots of spices and fresh herbs.  It has been easy so far.

Below are a few of the recipes that i came p with so far!

1.salmon salad with mayo on a bed of lettuce, shredded brussels sprouts, tomatoes, slivered almonds and avocado

2 breakfast brussel sprouts/smoked salmon hash

3. Mini quiches made in a cup cake tin for on the go eating

4. stir fried chicken on a bed of zoodles

5. Ground beef seasoned with tumeric and sauteed onions with a side of sliced pears


iphone 5-31-17 003.JPG

iphone 5-31-17 002.JPG

Pepper Broc Mini Quiches.JPG

Oodles of Zoodles with chicken stir fry.JPG

Deconstructed Kubideh with pear slices.JPG

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