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It's crazy how much can change in a month!


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I just finished my first Day 30 yesterday, but as I'm planning on doing more of a slow roll when it comes to reintroductions, I figured I should summarize how it went while it's all still fresh. Here's the link to my daily log: http://forum.whole30.com/topic/44038-first-w30-attempt-may-1-may-30/

So! NSVs first.

Smoking/Drinking: I mean, first things first, I haven't had a cigarette in over 5 weeks now! I really only smoked when I drank, and since I also haven't done that in over a month, they went hand in hand. I'm currently 26, and I don't think I've gone a whole month without alcohol since I started drinking at 19. That was one of the most impactful things for me-- to realize that my relationship with alcohol was largely unnecessary and not really all that healthy. I only drank a couple times a week, but I scoffed at anything with ABV under 6%, and constantly felt like I was chasing this buzzed/relaxed feeling that I just wasn't getting from it. And now...I'm not really sure yet. I'll probably still drink occasionally, but I'm not going to with the goal of "unwinding" after a long day.

Binge Eating: I have a past history of binge eating, and after several stressful life events happening all at once last fall, I had found myself back in my old habits. I felt really stuck...I'd bring a healthy lunch to work, but literally couldn't resist abandoning it and getting fried chicken or Chinese food multiple times a week. The cravings were irresistible, but the food itself never really tasted as good as I fantasized it would. And it was never worth the bloated, fuzzy-brained sadness I'd feel afterwards, but that still didn't stop me from craving the same thing the next day. The past month taught me that I actually can resist, and it gets easier every time I exercise that muscle. 

Overall Energy, Digestion, etc.: This part was definitely more of a gradual process for me (no "tiger blood" here), but I appreciate that. My body healed slowly, and as it did, I found myself staying fuller for longer, more alert throughout the day, and just more consistent all around. Digestion was wonky at first, but has become much more regular as well over the past week or two.

Okay, and now the weight/body stuff, because obviously I care about that too. :P  I should note that I'm not currently exercising, so this is just from the food changes.

Starting: 181lbs, 41-34-45

Current: 168lbs, 40-32-44

Total weight lost: 13lbs


I didn't take the after pics until today, and honestly I'm surprised to see the difference! It really is amazing how much can change in a month if you commit yourself to it.

Moving Forward: Overall, I feel like I've regained my ability to make my own choices about what I want to eat (based on my goals and knowledge of how food affects my body), rather than being tied to my cravings. I'm really grateful to have discovered the Whole30 and love having this in my toolkit now if I feel like I need another "reset" in the future. I'm planning to stay away from processed food still as much as possible, and hopefully will continue working towards my health and weight goals!



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