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Gin's 5th Successful Whole30 Log


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Day 1 is finally here!  I have been prepping for days, weeks even.  Non-compliant foods and drinks have been put away, out of sight, out of mind.

My freezer is stocked with grass-fed beef, bison, and salmon to keep in rotation with fresh seafood and poultry I will get locally.  I even stocked up a lot of organic frozen green beans and spinach so I won't fall short on veggies if I somehow underestimate my fresh produce needs.  I found a paleo meal delivery that is latex free in all their food prep so I got a few meals that comply with Whole30 just in case I have a day where I just can't make myself cook even my simple go-to dishes.  

Fridge is stocked with eggs and all kinds of produce thanks to my weekly produce delivery each Wednesday.  I made beef bone broth and also chicken in two separate pots which are currently in the fridge with everything else.  I used a whole chicken plus extra bones from thighs and have the chicken also in the fridge in case I decide to make actual chicken soup.  haha  I'm definitely going to make silky ginger zucchini soup soon. I also still have a few deboned chicken thighs for cooking later.  I also got a pack of sugar free whole30 compliant hot dogs plus a couple packs of compliant bacon for whenever.

Pantry has been stocked with extra Red Boat fish sauce, coconut aminos,cultured ghee, raw cashews, raw almonds, roasted macadamia nuts, and wild caught canned tuna and salmon, assorted canned tomatoes and other items like green beans, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, olives, etc, plus Biltong sausage sticks for portability and/or emergency snacking.  

I have left no excuse for failure even if I somehow can't get to the store for the rest of the month.  hahaha, but true.  

So, after all the prepping I did I woke up this morning and decided to take my dog to the beach.  I made an asparagus and red skin potato fritatta which became my breakfast and lunch so I had a wonderful day at the beach with no worries.  I'm going to make cracklin' chicken for dinner to use the thighs whose bones I stole for my soup pot.  I'll have that with a fresh mixed salad with fresh squeezed lime as a dressing.  I'll be using the lime zest on the chicken before I cut and squeeze it over my salad.  I'm already excited but I'm still too full from lunch to even think about rushing dinner.  

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Well, that lime idea was delicious.  I used lime zest and ginger on my chicken then made a sesame lime ginger dressing for my salad.  

Also, I forgot to include in the previous post that I have 4 frozen turkey burgers in my freezer with the rest of the stuff.  

I'm tired from running around and swimming at the beach today.  I'm hoping I'll finally catch a good night's sleep which is well overdue.  

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I did manage to sleep well last night so hooray for that!  My dog and I were out the door at sunrise for a few hours of exercise and fun.  I went out and ran some errands today, visited my acupuncturist, and picked up some fresh seafood and coconuts to add into my meals this weekend.  I made silky ginger zucchini soup from Well Fed 2, doubled the batch since I had more than enough zucchini and absolutely love soup.  I will probably have this soup with every meal until it's gone and then i will miss it and immediately wonder if I should make more.  

My breakfast was pretty simple, some eggs over easy with a salad.  

Lunch was my remaining chicken thighs and more salad to finish off my salad greens and sunflower sprouts while they are still fully fresh.  I used lime zest again to season the chicken and also to garnish it when it was finished.  It was so delicious it felt like I was cheating.  

Dinner was lobster tail (yay seafood market!) and silky ginger zucchini soup.  

So that's that and all my dishes are washed.  I confess that I bought a stack of paper plates to at least give myself a little break on washing.  There's already enough to wash with silverware and cooking equipment.  


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Another fun morning at the park, came home and made a bison filet mignon which I ate with my zucchini soup and a few slices of cucumber.  

Lunch was my big meal of the day, shrimp and scallop diablo.  I sauteed the shrimp and scallops in a mix of ghee and coconut oil with a bit of salt, paprika, habanero before adding diced tomatoes, coconut milk, and smashed garlic.  I removed the seafood before adding black olives and spinach, a little more paprika and some pepper and let it reduce.  I put it all back together before removing from heat.  Oh, and guess what?  I had some of the zucchini soup on the side.  

Dinner was small and simple, a side of egg with .... yep, silky ginger zucchini soup.  

I felt fairly decent all day but as bedtime approaches I suspect I am getting irritable.    

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Day 4

I somehow didn't quite catch on to how irritable I was today until later when i also realized I was avoiding a lot of issues out of self preservation and also caught myself mentally cursing everyone out for being so annoyingly (albeit nice) in my world.  lol  

Thanks to remembering to make mayo last night, I had tuna salad w/ celery and a side of what remained of my beloved silky ginger zucchini soup for breakfast.  The soup was exactly what I needed after getting caught in a downpour while my dog and I were still over half a mile from the car with no viable shelter around.  

I got to making a pot of chocolate chili before I even ate my breakfast so that was good and ready for lunchtime.  It was delicious served over spaghetti squash with some coconut on the side.    I cracked and ate a handful of pistachios as well.  I'm proud of myself that I manged to stick to my chosen portion.  

I made some Tom Kha Gai for dinner because I had lemongrass that needed to be used and I already missed having soup.  While the chicken and coconut milk covered my protein and fat, I didn't really believe the mushrooms, scallions, etc came close to being enough vegetables so I had a couple small yellow squash on the side.   

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Day 5

I had Buffalo wings with Mayo for dipping and spaghetti squash for breakfast.

I noticed I was easily irritated while out at acupuncture.  

I had steamed green beans with bakes salmon topped on lemon coconut cream sauce for lunch.  That was both delicious and satisfying.

Dinner was hash browns made with potato, zucchini, yellow squash, and onion topped with a serving of chocolate chili.

Now as bedtime approaches I notice I'm so irritable I want to break things and tell everyone I hate them.  It's rainy and I'm achy in lots of places.  I don't know what is weather and what is Whole30 related.  I feel miserable and I want to cry. Oh, and I've felt bloated all day.  I haven't even ovulated yet so it's not PMS.  

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Day 6

I wanted to get out early before it rained, made eggs and steamed green beans for breakfast.  Didn't realize until almost lunchtime that I forgot to include a fat.  

Lunch was rib eye steak with a creamy mushroom sauce, roasted sweet potatoes on the side.  I used shitake and maitake mushrooms, thinly slice onions, and coconut cream for the sauce after I had removed the steak and sprinkled in some balsamic vinegar.  Sweet potatoes were sliced, coated with ghee, then sprinkled with cinnamon before roasting.  

Dinner was basil garlic chicken with green olives in a creamy broth reduction.  Olives were whole, with pits.  Zucchini, yellow squash, onion, potato hash brown on the side.

Still feeling bloated but not murdery anymore so that's good.  

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Day 7

I learned my lesson from yesterday's fat oversight and made sauteed green beans with black olives and ground turkey for breakfast before heading out for a couple hours of exercise with my dog.

Lunchtime had me in a soup mood so I made some egg drop soup with what was left of my chicken broth, 10oz spinach, 3 eggs, and a few other ingredients such as coconut aminos, fish sauce, chives, scallions, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots.  It was seriously filling and delicious.  

For dinner I just did fresh salad mix with black olives, EVOO, balsamic vinegar, etc and rib eye steak.  I had a little more after I came home from quite a workout.

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Day 8

Woke up too early thanks to the cat.  I had the last portions of the rib eye steak with a cucumber and mixed greens salad drenched in ranch dressing.  Morning exercise was cut short by rain but I think my dog and I needed the break.  I had acupuncture early anyway.

After acupuncture I went to the market for a few things.  My brain tried to show me the joys of grabbing a goody from the checkout display with a full color movie of me shoving it in my face.  I don't even know what it was yet my imagination was convinced I wanted it.  I didn't touch it.  I left the store with my healthy Whole30 items.

I made steamed clams and king crab over zucchini and yellow squash in a tomato, garlic, fresh basil sauce with black olives and coconut milk added.  

I was going to have more king crab for dinner but changed my mind and cooked my remaining ground turkey while I sauteed some bok choy, then added some coconut aminos, beef bone broth with extra gelatin added, fish sauce , fresh ginger, gresh garlic, etc.  Once I removed the turkey I splashed the pan with vinegar, added ghee and shitake, then bamboo shoots and water chestnuts before tossing it all into the bok choy and sauce.  

So I'm stuffed and I think heading to bed now.  Or as soon as I let me dog out for a final yard break and give treats, brush my own teeth, etc.  lol  

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Thanks Erica, @fmr_sailor.  I love the mindfulness of doing Whole30.

My breakfast before heading out this morning was eggs with cucumber and spinach smothered in dump ranch.  (so happy I heard about this recipe here)  It was a beautiful morning, didn't get rained on and came home in time to make lunch.

For lunch I made king crab leg over yellow squash and black olives in a ghee-lemon-basil sauce.  Simple but delicious!

Dinner was grilled mahi mahi with mango, pineapple, red onion.  I ate a bunch of celery dipped in dump ranch while gather that all up.  The celery was more like an edible spoon for the dressing.  

I had a headache all morning but it's finally gone.  Now I'm just tired and feeling all the ache from Wednesday night's activities on the silks and new lyra.I hope to get to bed early.  I say hope because something weird always ends up detouring me.  

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I did a quick breakfast of leftover mahi and king crab over green beans and black olives seasoned with Red Boat fish sauce.  

I made a cucumber gazpacho and shrimp for lunch.  Gazpacho was 2 cucumbers, a little bit of pineapple, a fresh lime's juice, coconut cream, ginger, a few herbs topped with some chopped cucumber and pineapple with the shrimp around the bowl.  Shrimp were brushed with ghee, lime zest, and ginger before grilling.  

Dinner was a couple chicken thighs roasted over a bed of chopped sweet potato and carrots in a cast iron pan.  Ghee, ginger, cinnamon, some salt for seasoning.  After it came out of the oven I sprinkled it all liberally with coconut.  

I feel okay today, hoping to get to bed early again.  

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Breakfast of tuna salad with spinach, apple, lime.  Great outing before coming home to cut grass which I happily got done before the next downpour.  Victory!

I made Scotch eggs (Well Fed pg 83) and had one for lunch with a mayo-based (plus a spoon of dump ranch) tomato dressing with zucchini, yellow squash, potato hash browns. 

I made a basil pesto-olive tapenade blend (EVOO, fresh basil, parsley, capers, green olives, lemon juice, anchovies) to serve over my green beans.  I cooked some chicken skinless bone-in thighs in olive oil, garlic, and basil, tossed in green olives, lime juice, bone broth and let it simmer to finish cooking and come together.  

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Day 12  (and Day 13 below)

Breakfast was Scotch egg and green beans with dijon sauce

Lunch was Elk burger and mushrooms over fresh spinach

Dinner was salmon wrapped in lemon slices and dill before baking, hash browns on the side.  


Day 13

Breakfast was ground turkey, onion, spinach and kalamata olives

Lunch was deviled eggs and snap peas

Dinner was chicken wings and zuchhini with basil and lemon


Been really evaluating my diet plus also toxic people in general and notice I feel especially aware of them and even sensitive to their garbage lately.  Easy enough to figure out my diet, the other part will take some time.

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Day 14

I had pumpkin and coconut cream eggs for breakfast.  I cracked 3 eggs into my mini food processor, added the half-can of coconut cream, a healthy bit of pumpkin, some cinnamon, ginger, salt and let the mini machine have a good spin before pouring into my hot pan.  I covered it until done.  I resisted the temptation to add a date to the machine since I would normally make something like this with some maple syrup as a decadent dessert-breakfast.  It was quite nice with no sweet bomb added.  

For both lunch and dinner I had meatballs and snap peas with the rest of my ranch dressing as sauce for both.  I made the meatballs with half pound pork, full pound beef, red curry paste, fish sauce, green onion, basil, lime zest, parsley, garlic, salt, pepper.  Baking soda and cream of tartar like from Well Fed 2 pages 88-92.  

So that was the end of my open coconut milk items from the fridge; tomorrow will begin my coconut-free trial.  

My produce order has been changed effective next week so I still have a lot of starchy veggies for this week.  

I'm feeling incredibly introspective.  I don't even want to be around most people.  

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Day 15

Today was pretty big on raiding the fridge for leftovers and things that need to be cooked/consumed before turning.

Breakfast was some of those meatballs with cucumber salad.

Lunch saw me having leftover turkey with spaghetti squash and black olives.

Dinner was supposed to be grilled but a storm rolled in just as I stepped outside to turn on the grill.  Funny, the weather said clear tonight.  lol  So my chicken legs which were brined with salt, lime, ginger, bay leaves then seasoned with cinnamon and garlic plus my zucchini went into the oven instead.  I had artichoke/mayo with all that to round things off.  

PS: I had sliced raw apple with yesterday's breakfast but think I forgot to mention it and can't edit that post.  

I'm feeling emotional.

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Day 16

Ground turkey and   spring mix salad in dijon/mayo dressing

Last of the Asian inspired meatballs; green beans, mushrooms, bamboo shoots,  garlic, ginger,  cashews in  brown sauce.  Forgot myself and used coconut aminos in the sauce.  

Stomach unhappy this afternoon, not sure if from having  something coconut or something  else.  

whipped up a compliant substitute using beef/duck broth I just made, balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar,  date,  garlic powder, ginger  porcini mushroom,  salt,  fish sauce.  boiled, simmered, cooled, strained.    it's visually lighter in color but has a nice taste.  

sausage with lemon basil yellow squash and zucchini, some of the pesto olive tapenade.  

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Day 17

I slept well last night.  

I did a quick breakfast of sausage with green beans and kalamata olives to hold me over because it was going to be a long time before lunch.  I was fine.

Tired so threw together tuna salad and a big leafy salad for lunch.

Almost flew through dinner but managed to whip up some cucumber gazpacho and the last of the sausage.  I used cashews in the gazpacho instead of coconut milk, not bad.  Must try more experiments with cashews.  

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Day 18

Woke up early, had a long morning.  Maybe feeling less irritable today though so that's good since I had to deal with people.  haha

BBreakfast was a fairly breakfasty event, scrambled eggs and spinach with cucumber and mayo dressing.

I made a nice chicken soup for lunch.  Unsure about the fat issue, I grabbed a spoonful of mayo as I simmered all the veggies and broth.  

Once again, rain ruined my grilled salmon plans.  I threw some raw cashews and fresh squeezed lemon juice plus some of the zest in a mason jar and stick blended it.  That was delicous over my salmon which was baked wrapped in lemon slices.  I had lots of green beans with just a few kalamata olives with that.  

I'm about to end my day with a bath, a real honest to goodness bath in the tub with hot water and salts.  ahhhh

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Day 19

I woke up early, decided to make breakfast big enough to eat the leftovers as lunch.  Sliced my last zucchini and yellow squash with my mandolin.  Sauteed some onion, garlic, added ground beef, seasoned with Italian seasoning, salt, pepper.  Whipped up a tomato sauce with tomato paste and broth from the fridge, added seasonings to taste.  Made some bacon, removed bacon and more than half the fat, layered pan with all the yellow squash slices.  Added the ground beef, tomato sauce, some sliced black olives, topped with a layer of zucchini slices, drizzled bacon fat on top then baked in the oven.  I ate half of that with bacon on top for breakfast.

Made more bacon and ate the second half of the above for lunch.  

Dinner was green beans and kalamata olives with a Salmon patty.  I used the recipe from Nom nom paleo pg 181 with a few minor adjustments to make a slightly bigger batch so that it would provide complete protein for 8 meals plus keep it coconut free.  I made a sauce very similar to the Louisiana Remoulade on pg 63 of the same book.  


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Day 20

I had leftover green beans and kalamata olives plus salmon patty with remoulade for breakfast.  

For lunch I seasoned some ground beef and shaped it into an O shape. I fried it in a hot cast iron pan then cracked an egg over the center, added a splash of water and covered to let the egg steam cook.  I served that over cucumber salad.  

Dinner was chicken soup.  (onion, celery, carrots, chicken in mixed broth)  Hit the spot even though it's hot and humid out today.  I had some cashews as that simmered rather than try to figure out a fat to add to the soup beyond the ghee I used for the onion, celery, carrots before adding the broth.  


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Day 21

Eggs over easy with spinach and a handful of olives

ground beef with onion and garlic, roasted sliced sweet potato

Salmon patty with cucumber and basil pesto/olive tapenade.

Feeling PMSy, fantasizing about typical non-compliant PMS comforts.  Resisting of course.  

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Day 22

Eggs over easy and sliced cucumber for breakfast.  Handful of almonds.

Salmon patty with a creamy dressing salad of mixed greens.

Ground turkey seasoned with salt, pepper, thyme, added a full apple cut into small chunks, broth, then cashews in the last minute.  Served that over fresh spinach.  

I wanted junk food and tequila today but stuck to the above instead.  

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Day 23

I woke up wanting chocolate and tequila.  So instead I had some ground turkey and assorted leafy greens with a mayo-based lime-ginger dressing (mayo, lime zest, lime juice, grated ginger). 

I had a quick pumpkin eggs lunch to carry me through the afternoon.  Last time I made it with coconut milk so I threw some cashews into the blender with it and it turned out pretty decent.  

Stuck with the quick and easy theme for dinner and poured out a bag of frozen cut green beans into my olive oil coated hot pan, added a few splashes of red boat, a handful of olives, and a can of tuna. Simple but incredibly satisfying.   

I'm physically feeling better with coconut removed from my diet.  

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Day 24

Eggs over easy and another cucumber gazpacho soup I whipped up with my stick blender.  2 cucumbers, compliant organic cinnamon apple sauce, raw almonds and cashews, dash of salt.  Loved it.

Made silky gingers zucchini soup so lunch was that with some seasoned chicken wings dipped in a gussied up mayo.

Dinner was on the go, second half of the soup I made earlier, biltong, and finished off the mayo right out of the jar so I could wash it out and prepare a new batch.

Got busy, jar and the rest of the dishes went unwashed until the following day.  

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