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Slaying the DFFGD!


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So I made it through, what, a week of my first whole30 attempt before I broke down? It started with one cheat - a celebratory dinner - and ended in two months of binging. 

This time, I'm determined. I know what to expect the first days, have learned some tricks and have no events coming up.

My first whole30 (And a low fat vegan attempt...) taught me that I need fat in my breakfast or I'll get a horrendous headache. I'm prepared for that now. I know that prepping isn't for me - reheated veggies are gross in every way, and taste suffers regardless of how I reheat (I had FAITH in you, oven!), and making lunch the night before works best for me.

In my fridge I have grilled tilapia and pineapple ready for lunch. Small? Yes, only 300 calories tops. But it's small, easy to eat during my busy workday. I have two others meals.

I'm not stressing about veggies this time. I suffered intensely trying to gag them down, assuming I would just start liking them. If I only like spinach, parsley and cucumber that is OKAY, and I will simply try a new veggie each week of the whole30 (I will find a way to like bell peppers and avocado somehow!)

Also, I learned about these marvelous things called mason jars. A coworker brings her lunch and puts fruit in the bottom, veggies topped with leafy greens in the middle, and protein on top. I really want to try that!

I'm also not going to try to conform to mental portion sizes. If I want a big hunk of salmon for dinner, by God I'll have a big hunk of salmon for dinner! Or, heaven forbid... TWO pieces of tilapia! or TWO chicken sausages! Or maybe even THREE eggs. I seriously think unintentional calorie restriction contributed to my failure last time.

Anyhow, tomorrow I ride into battle against the Deep Fried Fatty Garbage Dragon! THE DFFGD WILL PERISH!

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OKAY, well, 2 eggs and a sausage at breakfast is too much for me - had to give half the sausage to my dog because I ate the eggs first :( Otherwise, had a cara cara orange and some small amount of pineapple, feeling cautiously optimistic!

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Woke up this morning feeling very... off. Dizzy, a sense of being "not all there", slurred words, finding it near impossible to speak, droopy face, extremely weak, etc... thought I had somehow had a migraine in my sleep, which are very stroke-like for me. Of course I complained to my mother via text, and naturally she had the good sense to call my neuro's personal number (for emergency issues, e.g. BAD migraine), especially since I didn't have any migraine pain when I woke up.

Of course since I was feeling quite a bit better at that point, Neuro wasn't as worried as she might have been... But I now have to go in to see her as she thinks I had a TIA (mini-stroke) which run in the family... as do full on strokes.

What's more, is everyone in my family had their first stroke in their 20's, which is my age range :/

Of course, I didn't have an appetite so I didn't eat all day. Mom forced some Tropicana OJ down me, so I have to restart. On the bright side it could have been worse.


I got a pack of Aidell's Cajun Andouille, but noticed it had sugar AFTER I got home. Into the freezer it went! 

I shall carry on 

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Also, major nsv today! I've always had food aversions, one of which was egg yolks. It's not based on anything to do with health or the way I was raised, they simply grossed me out to the extreme. Similar to cheese and most other dairy products. 


Anyhow, in order to get my calories up I've been trying to find a way to like yolks. Nothing worked. Gag city :(

Something possessed me to try deviled eggs. One of the grossest foods ever, made with disgusting god-knows-what.

Well, I couldn't hang the mustard (another aversion), I was able to get past my mayo hang up by making it myself, solely for deviled eggs. It was hard on my soul. 

I mixed the mayo and a hint of lemon juice with the hard boiled yolks and mashed the stuffing out of them. Piped it back onto the egg white, sprinkled with Paleo Powder (Because why not) and gave one to my mom to try. She approved, and said the flavor was very "delicate" and not strong, in a good way.


After a minor panic I decided to just stick it on my tongue and not take a bite. Tasted... lemony. 

Then took a bite. Thought it tasted like hummus.

Took another bite... TOTALLY tasted like hummus.

I LIKE hummus.


And so, I have defeated one of the DFFGD's minions, and earned a new food!

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Day one of my restart (henceforth to be referred to as my whole30) went VERY well.


I had coffee, black, with a hint of coconut oil, a chicken apple sausage, and two kiwi for breakfast.

For lunch I had two deviled eggs (which I almost couldn't eat because I was so freaked out... when I finally put it on my tongue I was like "Oh it's still good"), two clementines and four strawberries. The clementines were too sweet, normally the kind I get have a nice sour zing to them.

For dinner I had catfish, with coconut flour on them, roasted radish and carrots. I was kind of hoping for a coconut chippy effect (it was NOT) but still was good! 

Everyone in the house is glad I'm cooking again. I wish I lived alone because it would be SO much easier to cook for one person. Well, one person and a dog :)


My mom is on a jelly bean kick... Over a pound a day... wonders why her sugar is so high, blames everything but the food she eats...

She LOVES deviled eggs and I suggested two of those with an apple for her breakfast instead of cottage cheese with pineapple in heavy syrup. Also I cook dinner for everyone so that is healthy.  But I know she snacks on junk all day long :(


However she seems more receptive to it than in the past.




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Yesterday I had a really bad headache.


Had 2 kiwi in the morning.


For lunch I had deviled eggs and strawberries


And for dinner I had taco "salad".


Today, I had:


1 chicken apple sausage, because I forgot to eat my clementines at breakfast

1 chicken apple sausage for lunch, because I ran out of deviled eggs and the apples I had didn't appeal to me.

2 clementines when I got home bc I was DESPERATELY hungry. 

And now making baked sweet potato with broccoli and steak.


I just want to sleep.


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OMG, the steak was amazing. I used paleo powder as a sort of rub, and tessemaes zesty ranch as a marinade overnight... 


Divine. Best steak ever.

I keep thinking back to the scale. I'm sure I've lost at least water weight... So curious... but I can't look!

On the other hand, my wonderful dinner likely has... a horrible number of calories... 8oz steak w/ olive oil marinade... potatoes with a whopping spoon of duck fat in the cooking pot...


And I tell myself, you only had some 400 calories today  (I don't count, I just KNOW. And then I can't un-know) so it's okay. But is it? Really, is it?

Sigh. I hope that when I finish this whole30, my biggest nsv will be that I don't think about that anymore.

I've been thinking, you know, maybe tomorrow I'll have some chicken. Maybe I'll have it with tasty roasted green beans. Or maybe I'll have it with radishes. Or maybe I will make a veggie filled mashed potato... with carrots, radish, onion and potato... 


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