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Snack clarification


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So, I know in the W30 book it talks about hunger vs. craving and asks "Am I hungry enough to eat steamed fish and broccoli?" If the answer is yes, and I know this sounds like a dumb question, but does it mean then you should go and eat exactly that or can you eat some veggies with guacamole and something else compliant?

I know that we need to avoid snacking as much as possible to avoid triggers or simply replacing foods with other foods, but I am also seeing things about being able to have handfuls of coconut, various servings sizes for nuts, and other "best eating fats" like olives and other things that yes, I know you can cook with, but would also make for good snacks. I mean, I love pickles, bought compliant ones, but I can't figure out when to use them/eat them, as I don't see them as part of a meal, more of a snack food to begin with. So I guess my main question is where to compliant snacks and compliant snack foods really fit in or do they?

Also, I find that I am particularly hungry right before dinner (when cooking) and then again later at night. Right now (day 2) I am drinking hot tea when I feel that late night calling for wine or a snack, but I wondered if before dinner a handful of nuts or something would be that bad?  

That said, anyone have any thoughts on snacking (not pre or post workout snacks, just general hunger snacking).

Also, what are some things besides hot tea any of you do to curb that time in the evening when you would normally have a glass of wine or a snack?



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If you are "that" hungry, have a mini meal of PROTEIN plus fat and/or veggies. And don't eat this mini-meal too close to your scheduled mealtime.

Dont "snack" and if you are hungry between meals, increase your meal size but continue composing that meal according to the template. 

Definitely include your pickles (or fruit) as part of a meal. Again the goal is three template meals, no snacks your hormones will balance and you'll become fat adaped. If you eat your three meals and you include plenty of protein, fats and veggies (again, follow the template) you will soon find it remarkably easy to eat just three meals with no "snacking." 

The benefits of three template meals a day without snacks are huge in terms of your hormones and giving your digestive system a rest and stopping the "habit" of snacking.

When I'm hungry as I'm cooking Meal 3 (and I am hungry!) I just "enjoy" the thought that writhin an hour I'll be eating a delicious meal. I NEVER snack when I'm cooking!  And also, I do not eat after Meal 3. Ever. For any reason. This is also a remarkably easy habit to implement. 

If you eat the nuts before Meal 3 they are likely to mess up your digestion (at least, they cause problems for many people) and they will decrease your appetite for Meal 3. This is NOT what you want!

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