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Our start date: May 30


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Wife and I started May 30, now on Day 5 (though she's one meal behind. She ate quinoa for breakfast before she realized it was off-limits!) 

We didn't have to make too many major changes. Biggest change is no rice - we normally ate that 2-3 nights a week. For sure a grain 3-4 days a week. We had already sugar and alcohol before, though the sugar was creeping back. 

I think I'm having a better time than she is. I'm looking forward to some fat loss, she's hoping for improving a skin condition. But her skin is getting worse, so no dice yet. Could be from detoxing or possibly using more vinegar and nuts than usual (both which she's been advised against).

Glad the forums are here because it's on my mind a lot and no one else I know has done it!




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