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I'm traveling to Long Island for business and searching for restaurants with Whole30 compliant food.  Can any Long Islanders help me out?

I've been gluten free for about two years (yay celiac) and I've been to Long Island about a dozen times.  I'm extremely careful when I travel - asking waiters dozens of questions, sticking to foods that are easy to make without gluten, and ordering the salad most of the time.  Usually it works well.  But Long Island is . . . special.  Even when restaurant staff assures me that their foods are not cross contaminated in any way, I get glutened on about half of trips.  Adding the restrictions of the Whole30 diet will make this trip even more difficult!  

I will be in the center of the island, near Stony Brook University, MacArthur Airport and Smith Haven Mall.  I would love suggestions from any Long Islanders who know the restaurants well!

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