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Cycle Really Short?


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I've read other posts on the Ladies Only forum about people missing or having really extended cycles...but what about really short ones? I was unpleasantly surprised yesterday with a cycle a mere two weeks after my last one.

When I'm doing extended periods of hard training - like P90X - I see irregularity happen on occasion.

Has anyone experience too SHORT a cycle as opposed to too long a one?

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Same boat - on day 4 of Whole30, I started getting minimal spotting, on day 5, it's a full on period with cramps and all.

I just started my 3rd week yesterday in my BC pack and usually get my period towards the end of week 4. So that makes my period about 11 days early.

I can check with my doc - I'm just looking for your experiences. Did you continue your pack as normal? Did you get your period again when you take the placebo?

Also - no extra stress or anything out of the ordinary in my normal life besides the change in diet.


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