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Accidental slip up

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Dear Sir/Madam,

About 2 weeks into my whole 30 and been going well.

However, today my 5 year old came into my study just after breakfast very proudly with a glass of pink stuff saying it was his own recipe banana and strawberry smoothie. He was very proud of it and wanted me to try some.

I wasnt thinking as was on the phone to work and had a tiny sip and gave him the thumbs up.

I only realised what I'd done after putting the phone down i.e. Drunk a smoothie. The double downer was I asked my wife what was in the smoothie and found out as well as strawberries, banana, lime juice and coconut milk there was some skimmed milk.

I'm quite bummed out but don't know if I'm being overly hard on myself so want some obejectivty to put this into context.

firstly this isn't my first whole 30 - I've done a couple before. I have a medical condition so have done several other elimination diets also over the last year including autoimmune paleo, gaps and scd. 

I base my whole 30's on what I learnt from these eliminations.

i don't generally drink milk but know that dairy isn't a particular issue for me (allow myself hard cheese occasionally when not whole 30).

with all of this in mind - do I need to restart. The reason I'm keen not to is I have an event about 9 days from the end of this whole 30 that will require me to be a little more flexible.

i am aware of the rules - objectivity appreciated.




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Hi ladyshany,

thanks for replying, have read the suggested link.

i get the science, I've done a few elimination diets before so am generally up to speed what does/doesn't suit me. In terms of dairy for instance I don't react badly. However have taken the view that it's not the healthiest thing so avoid it with the exception of very occasional Parmesan shavings on a salad or with another meal when I'm not doing whole 30.

in fact as I'm doing this for health my non-whole 30 diet is really not to different from my whole 30 diet. My exceptions are I occasionally have a Paleo banana bread, occasionally have some Parmesan as described above and rarely a glass of wine or glass of gin with soda.

i like to go back and do another true whole 30 (with some more personal restrictions learnt from my experience) to tighten up every now and again as it does make me feel great.

this whole 30 was meant to be timed in with my parents 40th anniversary so I finished beforehand and would have a glass of red and maybe go crazy by having the 'paleo' cake they are making with me in mind (I have a very understanding family!).

I get the strictness I really do which is why this is difficult for me. I didn't intentionally slip and I'm not really concerned by the elimination effect as I already done it. 

My heart says just to move on but my OCD total health obsessed head says just start again.

i guess I'm just interested in what a moderator like yourself would do in my position.

by the way, for some very positive feedback. I had an overactive thyoid and Lyme. I started exploring diets about a year ago and the Whole 30 lifestyle has left me feeling and looking in better shape than when I was 18. I don't go to the doctors and I don't need medication anymore so thanks for that!





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16 minutes ago, Dorian said:

i guess I'm just interested in what a moderator like yourself would do in my position.

Ohhhh....that's a tough one, you're asking me to give up my secrets! LOL!

It's a gray area, I think. After multiple Whole30's, when one is using them for a psychological reset rather than a physiological one, the effects of a non-compliant item may be less impactful if you have already done thorough reintroductions. 

Is that vague enough for you? LOL!

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What would Melissa do? ;)

Would she keep starting over again. You've completed a few elimination diets and you're up to speed what affects you.

I don't see the need for restarts under these conditions. You only need one compliant Whole 30 for a Food Reset. After that, we can work on Food Freedom Forever.  There are mini food resets and Melissa has the One Bite Rule. One smoothie slurp would fall under that umbrella.

Mods and alumni have watched those that keep restarting over and over again.  Some Whole 30 during the week and Ride Their Bike on the weekends. They start over again every Monday.

Food Freedom Forever is letting go of guilt and anxiety around food. It's about letting go of the exhausting cycles of dieting, food perfection and the resulting stress that follows.  Creating your own positive food management plan may include the One Bite Rule and simply moving on to the next day. 

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Here is some total objectivity for you.


If you had refused to taste your son's custom-made beverage that he was so proud of, can you imagine how hurt his feelings would have been?

What's more -- you didn't INTENTIONALLY consume any dairy at all. You took a sip, which made your son happy, and later found out there was a little bit of skim milk in it. Probably a totally insignificant amount.

You already know from past Whole 30s that you don't NEED to eliminate dairy. You choose to, but that's because you have already done the elimination protocol. You don't need this Whole 30 to tell you whether you're sensitive to dairy, so a tiny bit of it hasn't ruined your 30 days.

I can hear your OCD crying out in anger and pain and frustration. I am also that person. If I were you, I would be just as anguished over an accidental smoothie slip-up. But I would also want a third party to give me the objective feedback I am giving you now.

It. Does. Not. Matter.

You didn't break the rules or the spirit of the program. You didn't make an intentional choice to go off-plan. You just ingested an infinitesimal amount of dairy in the course of bonding with your son.

Let it go.

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