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Day 7 - Hanging in there!

Bridie B

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Well, I've been listening to "It Starts with Food" in the car, I bought the Whole 30 book and I'm on day 7 of my first 30 days. The daily emails are a big help. My big take away at this stage is just how much hidden sugar I've been eating without even trying (salad dressing, energy bars, eating out, fruit juice). It's a big wake up call. I eat well on a regular basis but have noticed some joint pain in the last two years and that my normal "eat whatever and run it off" isn't working as well as it used to. I'm definitely more alert and I'm eating smaller portions without really trying because the food I am eating has more staying power. So far so good. This weekend will be a challenge with all of the graduation parties I'm attending! After getting through that first 7 days I have no intention of losing any ground (is it just me or are the first 3 days a total pain?!). 

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