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I copied this from Facebook, it was posted by one of the local CSA's. I didn't know where else to post it. A little appalling that some proclaimed organic product companies are against labeling. Larabar! I was going to try one but.. I think I will pass, no thank you.


and http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/10/27/bitter-seeds.aspx?np=true

How can we impact GMOs so they don't cause devastation to people and planet?

1. stop buying processed foods.

2. support organics, grass-fed, free-range; join co-ops and buying clubs that share our values, buy direct from the farmer who

we know and trust

3. eat with our eyes wide open and support those that support our concerns

Support the companies that agree we should have a law to label if GMO.

• Amy's

• Baby's Only Organic

• Dr. Bronner's

• Eden

• Lundberg

• Nature's Path Organic

• Nutiva

• Organic Valley

• Straus Organic

• Uncle Matt's

Avoid the ones putting big $ against that including:

• Alexia Foods

• Bear Naked

• Cascadian Farm Organics

• French Meadow Organic Bakery

• Gardenburger

• Honest Tea

• Horizon Organic

• Izze Sparkling Juice

• Kashi

• Larabar

• Lightlife

• MorningStar Farms

• Muir Glen Organics

• Naked Juice

• Odwalla

• R.W. Knudsen

• Santa Cruz Organic

• Sierra Mist Natural

• Silk

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There's been a lot of info on naturalnews.com about Wholefoods not supporting the labelling and a lot of their employees filmed telling people that Wholefoods don't stock any GMO products whereas in fact they've had to admit on their website that they do stock them, they're just not labelled.

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Actually whole foods in San Francisco are very much supporting the labeling proposition. There is signage all over their stores and they are participating in a local lableling project where many items in the stores are labeled as GMO free. Is this not the case outside of California?

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I just read a few articles about how whole foods fumbled and some workers claimed not to carry any GMOs. That's just crazy and clearly coming from misinformed employees. WIth the pervasiveness of GMO corn and soy thinking anyone was 100% GMO free is kind of insane BUT maybe they did screw up. Either way they've changed their stance if they did, and they're promoting transparency now. It's kind of nice to have some labels now. This is the non-gmo project they're participating in http://www.nongmoproject.org

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Marks & Spencers in the UK and more recently here in Ireland are GM free. They stock a lot of processed food items/meals but a good quality range of meat, fruit & veg too.


In March 1999, in response to customer concerns, we began to make changes to our products and packaging, and remove GM ingredients and derivatives from our foods. Helped by the fact that at that time all our food was 'own label', by July 1999 we'd achieved it, and so we were the first retailer able to offer Non-GM products across all our range

Since spring 2002, we've been producing all our fresh meat and poultry, salmon, shell eggs and fresh standard milk from animals fed on a diet based on non-GM cereals and soya.

For 100% of our own label food products we source all our non-GM ingredients or derivatives from approved suppliers, testing any raw materials where appropriate. By carefully checking all our manufacturers' factory processes, we prevent our food mixing with any GM materials. We also work with a number of laboratories specialising in GM testing. They analyse the ingredients used in Marks & Spencer products and animal feeds, and check our food is non-GM before it goes out on the shelf.

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