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Starting Whole30.....again! 11.06.17


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Hi everybody

I´m a 34 year old female and last fall i heard about Whole30 and was really at rock bottom phycically so I gave it a chance and did whole40 but at that point I got very tierd and aftur feeling really low in energy between day 30-40 I gave up. Found out a few days later that I my blood values where low and also my iron. I always regret stopping because besides the energy problem this method of eating made me feel really good, I lost weight, slept better, felt better and I even had my period x2 during those 40 days, but I have PCOS so that had not happen to me in a long time. 

Since January this year I have been trying to start again but some health issues have always gotten in the way and I was never fully able to commit to the process but now I am and I started today. I found out what was my issue between days 30-40 so I am ready for that if it happens again. I will start with 30 days but I wanna do longer so small steps :)

So here I go again!

P.S. English is not my first language so I might make some grammar mistakes :D

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