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My log Whole30 take2


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Day 1 meal 1:

3 scrambled eggs with 1/4 an avocado and 1 slice melon. Also added about half a thumb of coconut oil to my coffee this morning because my avocado was brown and I didn't get the fat I needed. Really need to add more veggies but lacking ideas.

Meal 2:

Ground beef and sweet potato stuffed bell peppers with a full head of broccoli and ghee. 

Meal 3: TBD

I should try to eat a meal 3, especially a full template meal but honestly I doubt I can stomach it. Day one is supposed to be easy but mine has been anything but. I have had a roaring headache all day, have taken 2 naps and I feel nauseous. The thought of putting anything else in my body before tomorrow is borderline painful. I feel like I am sweating fat from the extra oils and  unfortunately I know a piece of bread would fix it. I have some serious carbohydrate issues. Thinking about cooking up a potato and eating it to settle myself but that seems in direct opposition to the spirit of the program. Time for tea and hopefully bed, maybe tomorrow will be better. 

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