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Any help is greatly appreciated! 

I did my first Whole 30 back in February of this year- it was downright amazing. I had heard of the 'program' from my gym and was immediately up for the challenge- at the time I was eating whatever I wanted and figured it was time to workout my self control muscles. 

It became so much more than testing my self control, my new energy levels and my inexplicable constant good mood and increased self confidence was invaluable. Who knew food could do so much!

So fast forward to my second Whole30 in April, I hit day 10 and was floored with debilitating stomach pains. I strayed away from the Whole 30 to treat my pain because no natural remedies were cutting it. The pains went away relatively quickly so I gave it another shot just last month in May and BAM, on Day 10 the same horrible pains- this time I wanted to stick it out and try to push through but EVERY SINGLE MEAL triggered the same horrible stomach pains. I was sweaty, a bit nauseous and doubled over in pain every day. When I talked to the doctor all they offered up was "you're probably just one of those people with a sensitive stomach" WHAT?!? This wasn't just a little tummy ache- I was crying in pain. Nothing helped and the only thing I could eat without pain was crakers and water. 

Now I stay away from just about everything, bread and pasta are some of my only allys at this point and I hate it. I've had a stool sample to test for H.Pylori which came back negative... I've had a history of stomach ulcers but the doctors don't think that's the cause. 

I want so badly to have food freedom again!

Has anyone experienced something like this and found a way to work through it? 


Thank you in advance!

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That sounds awful.

Did you keep a food log in the past?  Maybe you were eating more of something you were sensitive to, like FODMAPS or nightshades or cruciferous vegetables. 

For now, I'd probably stick to fairly bland stuff and see how you do. Maybe some plain grilled chicken cooked with just olive oil, salt, and a little pepper, baked potatoes or sweet potatoes with olive oil, coconut oil, or ghee. Or make some chicken soup or broth. If those all go okay, try adding just one new thing at a time and see if you can narrow down what individual items seem to affect you.


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