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Meal Timing Suggestions

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Hi there!  I am on Day 13 of my first whole30 and I am hoping for some suggestions/recommendations for meal timing. Listening to my hunger cues, the every 4-5 hours definitely is holding true for what works best for me, but I am having a difficult time with eating dinner at 5pm. Like, a lot. The couple of times I did I wound up binge eating 2-3 servings of the meal (all compliant food, but totally not good eating habits) - I have learned from those experiences as to what are potential triggers to the "empty bottomless pit ogre" feeling, but I have found that eating my last meal later in the day helps to alleviate that (something I did when traveling extensively, and something I have been experimenting with this month).

Here is what a typical day looks like for me (I work 7-4 and wake up between 5:30am and 6am and bike to work every day):

  • Breakfast at approx 7am about an hour after waking up, usually consisting of a frittata (batch has 10 eggs, 4-5 servings of random veggies, 2 chicken apple sausages) during the week. Today I have half a sweet potato roasted with it (been suffering from the Blues the past few days) and a glass of kombucha. Forgot my avocado at home :( 
  • Slow-cooked and dry rubbed chicken breast with a side of steamed veggies around noon. Peach or some other fruit to wrap up the meal.
  • Banana with almond butter (or some other fruit - today it is raspberries) as a snack, occasionally a handful of cashews.
  • By 4pm, I will have drank at least 64 ounces of water. 
  • Dinner is usually between 6pm and 8pm, depending on hunger levels and if I need to prep (leftovers? crock pot ready when I get home?). 
  • I am overweight and getting back into my wagon, my physical activity is my commute to/from work - approximately 2.25 miles each way taking 13-15 minutes depending on the winds that day. 

I usually eat at least one avocado per day, and I know that I could probably use more fat... problem is I am pretty sure that I hate olives. 

Anyways, any recommendations for things to try? Eating my meal at 5pm doesn't really work that great for some reason for me, and I usually go to bed between 9 and 10pm. This past weekend, I woke up and had a hardboiled egg, went for a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood, and then had breakfast after... starting my full meals around 9-10am. This alleviated the need for an afternoon snack but it would really skew my workday I think to do that (plus my "treat" was cooking a breakfast instead of my delicious frittata). What all have you tried? What were some of your successes?

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