Italian Restaurant and Whole30

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We will be celebrating my brother's graduation at an Italian restaurant this weekend.  I was hoping to get an opinion on this menu item:


"Salmon pan seared over sautéed artichokes, fresh spinach & red peppers" 


I was going to ask the waiter if they could cook it with olive oil because I am not eating dairy and therefore not eating butter.  Any thoughts?  Thanks in advance.

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You'd want to ask about dairy, not just the butter they might cook in, but sprinkles of cheese on top. Sometimes they can use marinades or glazes on meats that could have sugar or soy sauce so you'd want to ask about that.

If you're not comfortable asking at the table when you order, you can call the restaurant beforehand at a non-busy time and ask, so you know exactly what to order once you're there.

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