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30 Days Done and Won


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My W30 is now over, and I've gained insight to myself more than on my first W30 which turned into W64.  Some of the insights are below.  

With my first W30, I was looking for weight loss above everything else. I was going through the motions of W30 to get to weight loss and I was terribly defeated when at the end of 64 days I had not lost any weight.  Subsequently, I gained 14 pounds after that W30. I was mad and disgusted that I could give up so much and not lose any weight.  My attitude changed to F* it.  "I eliminated all that and didn't lose a pound," why bother trying.  Well, that was a huge mistake, because obviously I need control over what I eat to not bloat up to Orka Whale size!  This time, I did lose weight, not has much as I had gained since my last W64, but I'll take it!  It took me longer than 30 days to gain, so I owe my body respect to lose it in an appropriate timeframe as well. 

I realize alcohol is no friend of mine.  I started to realize this in the last W30, but this W30 has hit that concept home.  I do not need alcohol in my body.  Besides, I have a terrible yoga practice the following day!  It's embarrassing to fall over in Yoga while doing a balance pose.  LOL.  But, truly, that helped me see the lasting effects alcohol has on my body and I don't like it.  

What went well- This W30 was much easier for me than my first W30.  I think it's because I knew exactly what to expect and I had an arsenal of recipes and support.  Having an accountability partner made this W30 more fun and we had one another to rely on.  We shared recipes and texted each other encouragement. I also did not travel as much for work this time- that was a huge relief.  

  • I stopped drinking coffee- it's no good without cream and a sweetener anyway! I have enjoyed having Bengal tea in its place with just coconut cream.
  • I realized nuts are a binge food and they are now eliminated from my diet UNLESS they are just part of a recipe.  But I no longer buy nuts to have on hand or to eat as a snack when I travel. I gave up nuts on day 5 and I've survived!  LOL so I think I'll just continue without them. 
  • I realized through reading vastly on effects of sweeteners, whether it's Stevia or a sugar form, our bodies are harmed by them.  So, bye bye Stevia...I don't need your Insulin raising byproducts in my body any longer! 
  • I believe the last W64 I did helped cure me of my desire to weigh each day.  I had no issues with not weighing like I did last time around.  
  • I am now 100% in control of my eating
  • I like planning my meals, and W30 is really better for me when I plan a few days in advance what I will eat and start prepping the meals.  I like to cook for the week on Sunday- it takes all the pressure off of cooking and cleaning nightly.  
  • I splurged on both Well Fed cookbooks for Kindle.  I wish I had gotten the hardcover versions because there is no way to mark a page, like you can with a real book.  I like to dog ear pages to come back to.  My goal is to make every recipe in both books. I can't recommend these books more.  If you do not already have this website in your favorites, you might want to bookmark meljoulwan.com she has amazing Paleo and W30 recipes.  
  • I tried hard to not snack between meals and I feel I did a very good job with this.  Larabars are not our friends, even if they are considered compliant. I did not have any this time around.  

What could have gone better-

  • I could have been more consistent with exercise, but I think I did ok in this area. 
  • I didn't read the Liquid Aminos label and so on Day 3 I had some and then needed to start over.  Need to always read labels

What I'll do better in the future-

  • When I feel myself getting out of control with food/eating, reach out Jodi (hopefully she will want to do another) plan and start a W30.  I don't want to wait until I've already done damage i.e. gained weight to reset myself.  I need to take control of the situation before it turns into a problem.  
  • I plan on starting Bright Lines Eating and incorporating W30 principles as much as possible.  BLE eliminates sugar (all sweeteners) and flour.  
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