Slow burning success!


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I finished my Whole 30 on the 16th October and felt quite good health wise but thrilled that I had managed to stick to it and enjoy the rhythm of cooking, eating, nourishing myself.

I didn't want to reintroduce my old ways of eating as I have wanted to lose weight and come the end of the Whole 30 while I had lost a 4 pounds I wasn't blown away by the results.

Something in me told me that I was a slow burner. I have done loads of diets in the past and I was determined that Paleo was going to be a lifestyle change for me not a bolt on diet. I was exercising plenty during the Whole 30 and my clothes started to fit better so beyond day 30 I just stuck to it.

I read loads of blogs and kept the sucess stories on here in mind. I've played with carbs and portion sizes a bit but not ever felt like I am on a diet. Part of it has just been to say 'can I stick with this choice in the long term?' if the answer is no then I have thought don't do it, if the answer is yes I.e - eat less in the way of starches then great I can incorporate it into my lifestyle.

The scales have been sloooooow but on around about Day 45 I could feel the shift beginning to happen. My appetite has changed, I literally feel my body composition changing, I am leaner and the scales say that I've lost another 5 pounds. I know my body has decided to trust that it can let go of some of its fat other way of explaining it but I could literally feel it refusing to lose weight and I waited patiently and calmly and it changed its mind!

The above is my not so articulate way of trying to say to those out there trying the Whole 30 and feeling no change is occurring STICK WITH IT - your body will start to shift things when it's ready and when it feels it is safe to start letting go.

Thanks for the support wonderful people and I will continue to take heart and encouragement from the stories on this forum!


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I "love" this post too. :-)

A big congratulations on your success. Your story sounds like mine. I struggled for years to lose weight and only gained. Not anymore. The results are slow and steady, but very obvious with a little time and patience. With Whole 30, slow is the new fast, lol.

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Your post has come at the perfect time for me... I'm only on day 20 but am feeling myself lose heart and motivation. Nothing has shifted yet for me, I don't have more energy and I don't think I've lost any weight, I'm not sleeping better etc... but like you I think I have a very stubborn body, you've inspired me to stick it out let my body be gently persuaded that it's on the good stuff now ;) Thank you!!

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