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A November to Remember aka My 2nd Whole 30!


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My second Whole 30 is here and I am excited.

I am using this time around to help me get through the very challenging holidays, specifically Thanksgiving. I need the the structure and challenge to really help me push through. I want to make the holidays about celebrating the people I love, not loving the food. And that really is what I used to do during this season. Halloween to New Year's would be a constant buffet with a heavy emphasis on fresh baked pastries, gallons of egg nog, and more homemade candies than you count. That changes this year. I have come so far in just 8 months that I do not want to jeopardize my momentum for a free "treats."

I started Day 1 by filling up my crock pot with a tasty beef stew recipe. I like to do some batch cooking on Sundays so I have lunch and dinner ready for the next few days. I also whipped up a batch of mayo and ghee. I make the mayo all of the time, but of late have been using pastured butter regularly so the ghee was a must.

I am excited for the next 30 days!! Good luck to anyone who just got started too and congrats to those people almost done! :-)

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