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Saying no to stress eating


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Hey folks,

Relative newcomer--I'm on Day 16 of my first ever Whole 30. I love the program: I have more energy than before, more mental clarity, and I've been able to cut my snacking habit down drastically.

Yesterday, I got some bad news at work. Without going into too many details, my job is safe, but there are a lot of cuts being made that will make work life difficult for me and my coworkers, and it feels like these decisions were made without consideration of our needs.

Sounds like a perfect setup for some stress eating. And before Whole 30, that's how I would cope.

I was seriously tempted to self-medicate with a pizza, a bottle of wine and a bar of chocolate yesterday. I don't think I would have regretted it if I had just gone for it. But I do not regret NOT going for it.

In a way, it felt like a victory over this bad news I got yesterday. Like, no matter how bad things will be, I still have the agency to improve myself.

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