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Started 11 June


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HI!  I'm excited to start this new adventure.  But obviously I procrastinate as I didn't post on the day I started.  I look forward to getting tips from other people in the community who are successfully navigating!


I'm 47yo mom of 3, teacher, married 25 years.  I'm doing this to try and see if the adult acne I've been dealing with since age 24 will clear up.  Also, hoping digestion issues will clear up.  I am also hoping to just feel better.  I do yoga and run some, but am not nearly as healthy as I was in my 30s!  I've been eating pretty badly the last couple of years.  Not horrible, but definitely not my good clean eating.  Hoping to see some results.  Oh, and losing some pounds that I've put on would be nice too!!


Looking forward to getting to know the community!


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