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My husband just started a new job that requires him to travel to clients all day and he's pretty much based out of his truck and only spends minimal amount of time at the office in the morning and could be anywhere from here on our side of Fort Worth all the way out to Waco, Alvarado, etc. with no access to a microwave. I've been trying to pack his lunches but it seems like we're stuck in a rut and he's getting bored with tuna/chicken salad or salad with grilled chicken... any suggestions for easy, low mess cold lunch ideas? 

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I realize that it is texas and he likely doesn't want anything hot... but a quality thermos would hold a hearty soup warm for several hours. 

Other wise- How about lettuce wraps?  gazpacho? Maybe some tapas style snacks for lunch- melon wrapped in prosciutto, cold chopped veggies, olives, smoked salmon etc. 

a tip when dealing with salads with grilled chicken - changing up the flavors can help keep him from feeling like he is eating the same thing over and over.  and change out proteins... hardboiled eggs, taco meat, steak, turkey, tuna etc.  throwing in some compliant bacon always makes a salad better! 

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