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Rev's Start June 18th


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Okay so I'm on day 5 and feeling so awesome.  I've tried new recipes and punched up some older ones.  My husband is enjoying the newer flavors and thriving on Sriracha from Nom Nom Paleo.  We've eaten so clean and healthy each day that my friends are asking to try a taste.

Next week two from work will join me as they begin day 1 on Sunday.  I"m the one who likes to cook so it will be more fun to share.

Be sure to try the Marbella Chicken in the new Whole30 cookbook, it's elegant and yummy.  You don't have to be a gourmet chef to make it beautifully and taste that way.

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By the way, having an Instant Pot to make a bunch of perfect hard boiled eggs is awesome.

Here's picture of the Marbella chicken.  I also cooked up a whole tray of chicken thighs to have for when I needed them.
Add some Pineapple salsa to the top and it's glorious.

We ate watermelon salad with our Marbella chicken and I took fresh wonderful strawberries for lunch.

Hint a nicely fried egg with Pineapple salsa is a bright start for the morning.

Day 3 we did grilled pork chops, fresh broccoli, a few little red roasted potatoes, chopped avocado, the pineapple salsa and a nice green salad.  The next morning I had porkchops and eggs.  For lunch I took some pork chop with Sriracha mayo on top, added a slice of fresh tomato and the few little leftover veggies from the night before.

Day 4 my sweet husband made our favorite cracked slaw - ground beef with seasonings like roasted sesame oil, garlic and Sriracha then add a simple bag of coleslaw to it.  The change we made was to use Coconut aminos instead of soy sauce.  We did a double recipe so I would have lunch the next day.  And here I am at Day 5.

I'll make more mayo tomorrow.  Using avocado oil is the best- no flavor added and seems less oily.


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Okay I am on Day 9 and had the most wonderful breakfast today.  An Egg with an avocado salted with pink Himalayan salt and a fresh GA sliced peach.  Way to yummy for words.  Lunch was leftover flank steak, fresh cucumbers with champagne vinegar and yummy blackberries.  It really seems too good to be true.  I can already tell a difference in my energy.  When I get up in the morning I'm fresh and ready to go instead of slogging around.  Kids are coming for the 4th so it will be interesting to see what I need to fix for them and not for me.

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