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It's Monday following Thanksgiving, back to work. I've been offroad since Thursday without any obvious significant ill-effects. But I'm ready for some healthier food. There have been some healthy options mixed in there and some significant improvements since Thanksgiving weekend last year.

I'm still off soda pop. I think this is the first Thanksgiving I can remember that I had only 1 helping at dinner and was satisfied and did not have turkey sandwiches and chips and pop later that night!

The only non-Paleo items at our meal were the stuffing (made from scratch with limited ingredient bread) and the flour in the gravy. I wasn't willing to risk my gravy on trying out a new thickener, but I will soon. We made a pumpkin pie crust from walnuts and it was pretty good, will try tweaking a little though.

I'm ready for the leftovers to be gone!

This week will be focusing on non-starchy veggies and a more Whole30 centered approach to get back on track :)

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Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs, black coffee. Overslept but made the time to cook breakfast, time to get back on track!

Lunch: bowlful of turkey and broccoli topped with Whole9 cranberry sauce. Tasty, but not too filling because I didn't have a fat in there. So now I'm hungry, but I've got an apple on hand here at work.

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It's been a while since I've written in here. My household is going to be doing a Whole30 starting the first week of January (but not on the first, that's my husband's input). We're working on making healthy choices as we go through the holiday season.

I feel like I'm learning more all the time since my Whole30. Like I do better with a little sugar or alcohol (key on small amounts) than with grains. But that I'm currently not totally willing to give up pizza on an occasional basis, but only really really good pizza.

It can be hard when you go offroad to get back on at first, but if you do it too long I will start to crave really healthy food.

That maintaining a really good sleep schedule may be one of the biggest factors in my making good healthy decisions.

That somethings, like a taste of regular Coca-Cola, are not what you once thought they were.

That mass produced candy is still completely unappealing. But that I'm very much looking forward to making fudge this weekend with my sisters.

I've learned red cabbage with hamburger is quite possibly one of the easiest and quickest delicious foods on the planet.

I just had persimmons for the first time this week and learned they're good but weird and I like them better roasted.

Grass fed or pastured meats do cost more, but it's more than balanced by all the crap food we don't buy now.

That once you learn how amazing you feel eating "clean", you may still eat poorly but the important part is getting right back at the clean eating. And it feels easier all the time to either make the best choice from the get go, or return to making healthier choices.

And that "starts" is such a key part of the book title. Because this (whole9) is flowing into so many areas of my life. I'm really interested in learning more about animal care and welfare and making responsible choices. I'm thinking and planning ways to change my life, like going back to school and a new career. I'm focused this holiday season on finding ways to really enjoy ourselves, make memories we'll cherish forever, establish some family traditions. And my fave part of the holidays: I feel so good when I'm taking care of myself that I know I don't need any THING; and I feel better buying gifts for kids in my community than I ever have opening my own present (as an adult).

Hope everybodys enjoying the early holiday season so far.

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A little pre-Christmas update on my Whole Life :)

It's hard at the holidays. I'm much better about thinking about and making good choices with the "treats" than I've ever been before. But I've struggled a bit more with what feels like the time crunch and making healthy food choices. It's also been tough because my husband's been out of state during the week for about the last 1.5 months. This means whenever he's home on the weekends, I want it to be special fun time all the time and have been eating like it too. Which doesn't make me feel so good.

But this morning I enjoyed a delish breakfast of grass fed beef with kale and cabbage and horseradish mustard. That was dinner last night. And I've got a pork shoulder to pop in the crockpot at lunch for dinner. And a fridge that's full to bursting with some tasty veggies for the week.

Progress. And I'm very much looking to starting my 2nd Whole30 the first week of January :)

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Hi Gin! I am glad you checked in!

I like to look at the progress made and compare to where I might have been had it not been the whole30. A celebratory occasion this time last year meant I got home from work safely ;). Now, I have to have a really good reason to celebrate, and to include food and alcohol in the mix.

I guess while your husband is out of town, you focus on squeaky clean, and allow the off-roading, in moderation, when he is home.

Merry Christmas to you and your sister!


p.s. You are tempting me to start 1/1 as well...

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And I'm back. I did a Whole14, though I thought it would be a Whole30. I've decided this is more appropriate place as I'm really looking at incorporating this without the training wheels.

I'm planning on keeping to it (the Whole30 eating) but I see this as the maintenance phase? I'm not sure I'm being very clear. I know what I know from my recent/first Whole30. I know what I need to do. I think the "rules" are great but it's time to make this my usual daily life so I've moved to this log section.

I think a food log is still a great idea, and I've found that it helps me to be thoughtful about my choices so I plan to log daily for the foreseeable future.

My goals include Whole30 eating to continue. I know that dairy and grains and sugar do my body no good. Legumes don't seem to be an issue but I don't really miss them either so why eat them?

I'm looking to incorporate regular physical activity and trying to decide what that's going to look like for me.

I need more play in my life. I think I need more brain-stimulation, and I'm looking into a class at a local college. We've turned off the tv service which I'm super happy about. I want to read more.

My sleep habits are overall pretty good. The key will be to maintain. And get my husband's sleep on track, so that I can keep my good sleep habits up.

I don't have any specific weight loss goals as I haven't stepped on a scale since the start of the September Whole30. I do know that I can continue to improve my body composition, based on how my clothes fit right now. There's an inch around my waist and chest that I'd like to take back off, it went away with the first Whole30 and returned after the holidays.

I need to start a daily fish oil and Vit D supplement. The Vit D because of my Crohns disease with a history of severe Vit D deficiencies. I'm also looking more into the whole sun exposure issue. I've been a dedicated sunblock wearer (daily) since I was 18. I'm not sure I'm ready to stop that but I'm doing some more research.

Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs, compliant breakfast sausage, black coffee.

I've been really thirsty today, already almost done with first thermos of ice water and it's not even lunch yet.

Lunch (packed and brought to work): Happy Roasted Chicken, homemade mayo, few cups of lettuce, sprinkle of dried no sugar added mango. La Croix water.

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Dinner: roasted chicken in mayo with hot sauce over lettuce with tomato and cucumber. With a hot compote of apple, cinnamon, clove and cranberry.

A freezing cold night, with wind chill well below Zero here. So a nice hot cup of tea and an evening spent reading with a cat on my lap after we cleaned up the kitchen. Having a hot cup of tea (herbal tea, no caffeine) at night seems to really help with any leftover old habit of snacking or treats in the evening.

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Good morning. And another super cold day here. It's a whopping 7 degrees with sub-zero windchill again. It's so crisp and clear out on cold days like this, with the sun shining.

Sleep: Not so good last night. I generally shut my pets up at night, but given the super cold temperatures and our very old house, let them be out last night. And they woke me up, like they always do. And my husband is out of state for a few nights, I just don't sleep as well when he's gone. He keeps me warm at night. I should have taken a picture when I went to bed: fuzzy socks to my knees with sweatpants and a sweatshirt as pajamas. I think I'll grab a 15 minute cat nap on my afternoon work break. I love naps.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs (tried coconut oil as the ghee we have doesn't seem to stop much of the egg from fusing with the cast iron pan) with salsa and 1/2 an avocado. Black coffee.

The chicken with mayo and salad last night was super filling, couldn't even finish my big bowl. So that's lunch today.

Not sure what dinner will be. We have to roast a pumpkin we were keeping in the garage, it froze yesterday! And there was a spaghetti squash. I think we'll have ground beef with some marinara and the spaghetti squash, and maybe roast some garlic cloves to top it with.

Edit: Dinner was in fact spaghetti squash with meat sauce. Discovered I like the spaghetti squash even more if we start it in the microwave, then slice in half and finish roasting in oven. Also roasted a head of garlic and 2 shallot bunches in ghee while the squash roasted. Some more of our grass fed local beef with jar of spaghetti sauce (we've found 2 types at our store that are compliant, nice to have on hand for quick dinners). Topped the squash and meat sauce with whole cloves of roasted garlic and shallots.

Now that's what I call comfort food! Which tells me I've come a long way on this lifestyle journey since last summer :)

Also enjoyed with dinner 1/2 an apple sprinkled with cinnamon and coconut butter.

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Goodmorning world :)

Slept a smidge better last night, it warmed up to just around 10 degrees last night with a sub-zero windchill, so I was able to shut the cats in the kitchen as usual. But I'm glad my guy is coming home today, just sleep better with him there with me. Up and at 'em early this morning, alarm went off at 6am. I seem to wake up on my own pretty steadily around 6:45am, but needed to be up and going just a little earlier today.

Made breakfast of scrambled eggs and breakfast sausage. Packed it up and brought to work with a side of 1/2 banana with some frozen blueberries and blackberries. Black coffee.

Gratitude: My brisk morning walks (it's right around 0 in the morning) really get my blood moving and wake me up

The sun is shining and the sky is blue and I'm warm and comfy at work, feeling energized.

My husband surprised with an Ipad for Christmas and I've been reading the Primal Blueprint on it. I love all the university lectures that I have access to through iTunes and I'm really loving my TED app. Love seeing people's passion and how they're making the world better.

Loving having the tv off. I don't think I even watched that much, but it's just nice.

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Lunch was about 2 cups of leftover spaghetti squash with the red meat sauce. Very filling. I love that meal.

Just now ate a snack as I'm planning a late dinner when my husband gets home. 3 pieces of jerky from our local grassfed cow. I'm sad because I think this is our last bag of the jerky. And a hard-boiled egg. La Croix Lemon water.

Made homemade chicken soup. Fast because I made the stock last night from the roast chicken carcass with a lemon, leeks, garlic and other mixed veg bits from the freezer bag " for soup". Had it with 1/2 an apple and almond butter. Yum:)

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Snowy day here. I'm kind of wanting some hot cocoa. But I don't have access, so decision made for me.

Breakfast: 3 eggs fried in ghee, about 1/4 cup of pork sausage, black coffee

Lunch: Wasn't feeling so hungry when I went home. So mixed up a hardboiled egg with homemade mayo and a spicy pickle my mother-in-law canned. She also makes a garlic spicy pickle that's the absolute bomb, but this was more like jalapeno spicy pickle. Grabbed an apple and few crumbs of beef jerky. Brought all back to work and just finished it off.

Plans to hit our fave Mexican place for some fajitas tonight with my sisters and niece. Hopefully the roads aren't bad enough to stop them from traveling the hour here. Possible sleep over as one of my sisters is dog-sitting for friends. They live at the "Lodge", gorgeous chalet style house in the woods on a river. The kind of place you see 10 turkeys walking along or a herd of deer just hanging in your driveway. The night will include pajamas and boardgames and a fire going. Should be fun.

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Monday, Veterans Day and so off work

B: scrambled eggs, coffee

L: last piece of leftover pizza

D: chicken fajita, few corn tortilla chips, Mexican rice. This is my first time trying non-gluten grains post Whole30. Love salsa, not so sure I love the tortilla chips. Only ate a few bites of rice, can take it or leave it I guess.

Now, some hot cardamom tea on a cold blustery evening. Need to get to bed early, didn't sleep so well last night.

Cardamom tea?! That sounds awesome. Where? What brand?

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Had a fab time with my sisters and niece last night. Despite the snowy roads, able to get together. We did indeed have fajitas. Our place does a great fajita dish served in a grilled 1/2 pineapple. Two had that, I had fajitas "pionero" with steak, chicken, crispy ham bits and a spicy red sauce, and my niece tried their seafood fajitas. All with a side off lettuce, pico and guac.

Then some hot tea and just a few dried mango pieces for all during board games.

It's awesome. They're nearing the end of their first W30 and both look and feel amazing by their report. It makes me so happy they were willing to try this for themselves. Thank you W9! My oldest sister has already had cancer twice and is going thru a work up now for breast cancer. She's struggled with her blood pressure, weight and mood for years. Her blood pressure is running normal after just 3 weeks! She's obviously lost a fair amount of weight and she's happier than I've seen her in years. I'm tearing up.

Breakfast: sweet potato, coconut milk, sausage and cinnamon all mashed up together. Stopped before it was gone, when I was content. Black coffee.

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I hope everything turns out well for your sister. What I think is awesome is that you brought this into the lives of your family!

Thank you. I have to get my brothers interested now, there's four of them and they're stubborn;) I'm thinking of using Robb Wolf Paleo on them or maybe Mark Sisson. We'll see.

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Dinner/lunch was a bunless olive burger with a side of fries at the pub. Tasted great but my stomach isn't loving something:(

But that's okay, means I will go longer again not being tempted by fries, or generally eating out.

Tonight involves a planned splurge. I'm home alone, hubs out playing poker. So I picked out a lovely bottle of red wine and am going to have a glass or two. I've never been a whole bottle drinker, so no worries about overdoing it. And to go with it, a few squares of good dark chocolate. Few new magazines to enjoy (I'm a clothes horse and spring is coming), pretty much rounds out a lovely evening. And a pedicure:)

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Good morning:)

Had just under 1 and a half glasses of red wine with 3 small pieces of dark chocolate and some fancy salami. Tasty. Boy did that wine make me sleepy:)

Sweet potato with sausage and coconut cream again for breakfast.

Super hungry mid afternoon, wondering if that's due to the sugar last night?? Tempted by the thought of pizza but made lunch at home with my guy. Browned some grass fed beef in the sausage fat from breakfast. Then about a quarter head of green cabbage into the pan to cook down. Then 1/2 a green pepper, a tomato, the leftover roasted garlic and shallots and 1/2 a jar of garlic tomato sauce (W30 compliant). Really tasty. He even said he'd eat it again and he loathes cabbage:) Also had a glass of red wine (don't want to waste that, though the rest is going into the roast lamb tomorrow)

Just had another bowl of that for dinner.

Yesterday and today are looking more Primal a la Mark Sisson. But I did just finish his book.

Snow storm arrived this evening. About to set up board game and slice up some summer sausage (also from our cow:) Possibly cheese but maybe not.

So I had some of that organic sharp cheddar cheese. And it tasted good. But I was so bloated and uncomfortable the rest of the night. Won't be doing that again soon. I think cheese will be reserved for really special occasions. And I like the really aged hard cheeses better, they're nicer.

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Sleep last night: Great! Shut down the house around 9 and in bed by 9:15 to read and cuddle for a bit. Lights out about 9:30 and slept great. My guy got out of bed at 5 to hit the gym but I slept on til 6:30, which seems to be about my happy wake up time as long as I don't have to jump right out of bed and can get going at my own pace.

Icey, snowy day here. It's warming up sharply for 3 days here in Michigan, which involves a lot of mess and bad roads. Then it will snow again.

Walking to work was a work out, as there was a crust of ice on top of the snow that you'd break through. It sort of felt like running on the wet sand of a beach, but I was walking and trying not to fall on my butt! There were also treacherous areas of puddles standing on slick ice, which meant a great stability and balance work out as well :D

Breakfast at my desk (brought from home as usual): Microwaved scrambled eggs, breakfast sausage, black coffee, about a 1/4 cup of frozen blueberry/raspberry mix. Yum!

Home for lunch. A little rushed as the walk was still pretty treacherous with icey slush. And needed to get dinner into the oven (lamb shoulder roast, with garlic and rosemary poked inside, carrots). Quickly ate some of the leftover cabbage/beef/tomato mix from yesterday and brought a little bit back to work, which I'm already hungry for. come to think of it, should have added some fat into the lunch.

Will do a small amount of crispy roast potatos with the lamb and add leeks when I get home.

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You know that old hair commercial "Because I'm worth it"?

Yes, because I'm worth good healthy delicious expensive foods. Because its Monday. Because dinner is more delicious when its roasted for hours on a cold day. Because its one of my husbands new favorites since I found Whole9 and have changed my life.

Dinner: roasted lamb shoulder with garlic and rosemary, roasted carrots and leeks, crispy potatoes cooked in lamb fat.

No more special occasion than Monday night winter dinner:)

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That was a seriously delicious dinner last night. Looking forward to the lamb for lunch today.

Sleep last night: Meh. We're having some really weird weather for January in Michigan. It's going to hit the high 50s today, so we had thunderstorms overnight, which woke me up. And I was too warm. My husband had his alarm set for 5 and I couldn't get back to sleep by 5:30 so I decided to get up for the day and get to work. And he went back to bed just before 6am!!! Oh well, have a jump on my day.

Breakfast (in 2 parts), about 6am: 1/2 cup sweet potato with coconut milk and some frozen blueberries

at 9am: 3 eggs and bacon at my desk, black coffee

My eye keeps twitching, sleep issues. But my mood is great. And I'll be done with work by 3:15 today.

Lunch: leftover lamb roast and veggies, 1/2 an apple with hazelnut butter. And an unusual 2nd serving of coffee, but decaf.

And then, the evening came. I will admit to stress eating 2 very small pieces of homemade fudge (my husband found in the freezer and put in the fridge) after work. My husband was having a bad day, so laid in bed with him while he napped and I listened to an audio-book. Then decided on going out for dinner and a movie. Hit our fave Mexican place. I had fajitas and opted to have the beans and sour cream but no rice. I enjoyed a few tortilla chips with salsa. Stuck to the water for a drink. It was a good dinner. I finished all my meat and veg but only "accessorized" with the refried beans and sour cream, most of it was still on the plate.

And I went home and made chocolate chip cookies from scratch. I debated "paleo/primal" version to avoid wheat, but decided that's a slipper slope. The whole "no it's healthy cause it's Paleofied". I just owned my decision and really enjoyed those 2 cookies, with that first just barely cool enough to eat without burning your mouth. Only made enough for each of us to have 2 cookies and put all the remaining dough into the freezer. Delicious but two was definitely enough.

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