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No upset stomach from last night's off roading. But I'm cranky. Which I'm going to say might be partly due to less than healthy food choices. I don't think I feel guilty or bad about my food decisions. Rather, I think sugar negatively affects my brain chemistry and makes me irritable. And it's super foggy and humid and grey here today. My plan is some healthy whole eating through my Tuesday morning flight next week to Vegas.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries and raspberries w/ 1/4 cup coconut cream, black coffee

Lunch: About 2 cups cooked green cabbage with some grassfed ground beef, just a touch of horseradish mustard.

My near "kill all the things" mood continues. I think I'd better meditate on my afternoon break.

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Last night was tough. It was a bad work day, terrible weather. Went to the store to grab a rottisserie chicken but they were all out.

At which point my mind went blank. The only thing I could think of for dinner was chicken salad, quick, with homemade mayo and the rottisserie chicken. If my sister hadn't been with me, I would have proceeded directly to the nearest Chinese place. But she was there and made me get a bag of frozen chicken breasts. The best option available. So we made a delicious chicken salad with broccoli slaw mix added for veggies and a some red grapes as well. It was really good.

Slept not so good again last night. I don't know what the deal is.

Breakfast today: small sweet potato, coconut milk, fresh raspberries and black coffee. No time to cook any protein this morning, late start.

Very much looking forward to lunch.

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Lunch was scrambled eggs with lamb and roast veg leftovers, an apple and hazelnut butter

Dinner: I wish you could smell my kitchen. Threw together shrimp with 2 whole onions and about 3 tsp of garlic in a ton of ghee. Serving over collard greens, wilted then sautéed in coconut oil with 2 whole tomatoes:)

Then went offroad with dessert at my husband's request

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Goodmorning! It's February finally. I'm pretty excited, as I'm going to Vegas for the first time next week with my husband. It's supposed to be in the mid-60s and sunny! We don't get a whole ton of sunshine here in Michigan in February, so I'm very excited.

My plan is to not go crazy, but I will obviously be "offroading" while in Vegas. This weekend is planned out for healthy whole foods, even with the Superbowl on Sunday. Don't want to head out on vacation feeling like crap from bad food before.

Then when we get back, I'm planning a Whole14 to get back on track and reset the system. I'll intermittently pop in here til then. :)

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Well, things rarely go according to plan. I went to Vegas and got the flu. The flu! And that hung on for about 2 weeks. And I've had a low grade sinus infection since which comes with headaches and dizziness.

And while the smart thing to do would have been to eat healthy whole foods, I fell on my face the last 3 weeks. In a big way. So now, I have a bunch of little bumps all over my face that always go away when I'm eating healthy. The circles are back under the eyes. I feel puffy, like the stay puff marshmellow man. And I've been irritable and down for the last 3 weeks.

No more. I'm back on the wagon.

I'm reading Loren Cordain's Paleo book to help get things back on track. I know what I need to do, but apparently need to remind myself of the "why". I'm also putting a calendar on my fridge and I'll be sticking stars on it to track each meal, rather than trying to keep up with a food log. I'll give myself a red star for every meal that fits the Whole30 guidelines and a silver for every meal that's otherwise Paleo.

I think this will help me, in a training wheels sort of way, to track/remind myself of 1) my goal to eat healthy and care for myself as I'm getting star and 2) that I'm okay to eat "off road" when I choose but not to let it become a too frequent event.

The calendar goes up tonight. Healthy tasty breakfast to kick things off. I'm excited to feel great again.

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So I finished my Second Whole 30 early September. Been off-roading as needed, only about once a week since then and still feeling really great. I'm sticking to no grains in general, except 1 homemade super tasty cupcake recently for a friend's birthday and one donut. Heading off to Vegas this weekend for a girl's trip, so obviously may indulge a bit. Reading my last post above, realized I was just getting back from Vegas, what a jet-set life I lead :P


Planning on doing a MDA Primal Challenge for 21 days when I'm back from Vegas. Trying to show my guy we can keep at things long term without feeling deprived. I'll basically be Paleo as dairy is not something I need daily (though I might want it, it makes me stuffed up), but I like the option for the occasional bit of dark chocolate or wine. He is terrified by the idea of long-term not eating cheese, so we're trying Primal :)


Things I learned this last W30: I have some allergy issues that don't resolve with eliminating dairy, so I'm trying some prescription meds to get through early Fall (there's goldenrod and rag weed and leaf molds all over here in Michigan). I'm really pretty happy eliminating grains (with the occasional exception of corn as either corn on the cob or corn tortilla chips) long term. I don't seem to have serious gluten intolerance, as it's not an immediate reaction and seems to sort of slowly build on me if I eat too often. That means the occasional birthday cake or donut (it's fall and I keep thinking about a warm cinnamon pumpkin donut from our local cider with a cup of hot cider, with leaves swirling about my feet and sunshine falling on my head with pumpkins in the backgroun; I know how to set the mood), but no weekly forays into gluten. Oh, and I do love potatoes, the "regular" ones; not daily, but you just can't beat them with pot roast or in a nice beef stew.


I'll check in again soon

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It's November now, and so lovely today.


To catch up, I had an amazing trip to Vegas and actually didn't get too crazy with the eating off road there, though obviously enjoyed some adult beverages. I will say I ate the most amazing short ribs and white risotto at a great restaurant out ther, seriously one of the best meals ever. And I nearly chatted up a gentleman next to me at a bar just to grab one of his duck-fat french fries that smelled and looked amazing, but I refrained.


The disaster came, as far as eating, when I came home. I got a terrible allergic whole body rash from something on the last day of traveling, requiring a week of sticky steroid ointments on my whole body with terrible sleep due to the itching (and showing up to work looking like a kid as the only thing I could tolerate wearing was leggings and long sleeved loose t-shirts). Which lead to me being grumpy and added to the let-down of going back to work after a nice little vacay, turned into about 30 days of eating very very poorly. Funny how the first few days of eating off road is like, ohh this tastes good. But then you get tired. And CRANKY. Which can turn into eating crap foods because you're tired. And they don't even taste good, but they're quick and available and did I mention I'm tired and cranky?


Vicious circle. Which resulted in a ridiculous morning eventually. It was raining and my first thought was "I hate walking to work in the rain". And we were out of coffee, which lead to more angry and unhappy thoughts. And my husband trying to cheer me up, which lead to me snapping at him. And a 10 minute walk to work with me "Hating" various things in my head as I walked.

Until, I thought: Boy, I'm filled with hateful thoughts and unhappiness this morning. And this isn't me. My bad eating has to stop, and it has to stop now. Because my brain on S.A.D is angry and unhappy.


That was about 2 weeks ago. And I'm making better choices most days again and I'm definitely happier feeling. I made the most amazing dinner after the gym last night, while rocking out to Frank Sinatra and Rosemary Clooney: red enchilada sauce with lots of zucchini and peppers and onions with chicken. I'm excited about that concoction, it's going to be a regular.


I joined a gym with my 3 closest lady friends the beginning of last month, and it's fun. Most nights at least 2 of us can work out together, which makes it so enjoyable and adds variety to what we do. I'm feeling stronger. And working on a plan for moving forward and being fitter.


I've been having fun looking for holiday ideas that fit within Paleo and considering what treats are worth it ahead of time.


Hope everyone is doing well.

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