Reintro Day 1 and already stressing!


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I just wanted to get some worry off my chest, so there's really no point to this post other than a few questions. I know this thing is no big deal, but after I've invested 40 days I'm afraid of losing all my hard work.

I made it through 40 days of the Whole 30 pretty easily. I did have some tempting moments, but I wanted to do it right so it was easy to say no.

Now, I'm on day 1 of my reintroduction and here I am already fretting about if I'm doing it "right"!

I will say that maybe I should've waited a day or two to start on as I have been in the clutches of the fruit and nut snacking dragon. I'm much better during the work week so i'm trying to differentiate any dairy induced effects from my weekend snacking. No stomach issues so far from yogurt, butter, or cream!

As for my questions, (since I borrowed the book from the library and don't have access to it now)

1) For the reintroduction days, is it ONE day of dairy, then a few more W30, or is it a few days of dairy right into gluten grains?

2) When I introduce gluten, then that means no dairy and pizza, correct?

3) Finally, the book and many people mention ice cream on day one. Isn't that bringing in two variables? How do you know if you're reacting to the dairy or the sugar?

I know I shouldn't be stressed about this, but I do like to be scientific about things. I think I am doing two days "clean" dairy (maybe a glass of wine at a happy hour I've been missing out on), 3-4 days W30, a day of gluten, 2-3 days W30, then a day with non-gluten grains and back to W30 + occasional dairy, rare corn tortilla chips and queso, and very special treats for life.

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You are correct. You introduce things one at a time for one day and then eat w30 for a couple of days and introduce the next thing, but by itself. Yeah, if you have a sugar dragon, then don't do the ice cream is what I think. I didn't use ice cream as a dairy. I used cheese and greek yogurt and half and half in my coffee.

I think your plan sounds like a good one. :)

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I, too, was stressed about reintroduction and had some of the same questions you did.

I like to look at it this way now. Reintroduction is showing me just how good I feel when I eat whole30. There was a time when feeling "comfortable" would mean eating foods that are all non-compliant. It feels good to know I have created new habits for my brain, and that when I want to feel GOOD I go back to eating whole30, instead of wanting to feel comforted and going in the complete opposite direction.

I also realized that while I may not experience significant issues with foods I reintroduce, that the absence of less healthy foods means I can feel great rather than feeling "meh". I had 46 years of "meh"; I would like the rest to feel great.

Enjoy the process!

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