Jane's Whole60 - June 26 through August 24


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Hello All - 

I'm starting my 3rd Whole30 today, which will actually be a Whole60.  My husband and I are going to start trying to get pregnant in September and this Whole60 will lead into that.  I love eating this way and am excited to keep things light and fun this summer. My main goal is to stay active as well! 


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Welp - I didn't use this resource...I'm on Day 35 and going strong - almost have more energy than I need - I can't workout all day long, but it will help with getting my kitchen cleaned and mopped this afternoon. 

Some more NSVs - everything tastes AMAZING! Ah-Maze-Ing!! I get right out of bed - haven't hit snooze in days. 

Who cares about ice cream...ice cream? oh, sniff sniff, I miss ice cream....

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