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I get up between nine AM and ten AM and go to bed around eleven PM. Due to the work schedule of my son (who lives with us) my dinner is fixed about six PM. Now for my question by the time I get up prepare my breakfast it is now around 11 AM plus or minus an hour. I usually have a breakfast of 2 or 3 eggs. 1 sausage patty, 1/4 to 1/2 of a large bell pepper, an equal amount of onion all scrambled together. In addition, I have a banana as my fruit. By the time I usually even think about eating again it is around four. My question is what do I do if I eat something more than a piece of fruit I do not want dinner. If I don't eat anything I usually want something around 10:30 which I usually ignore. Is only eating two meals good or bad for my under the plan.




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It sounds like your hormones are probably out of whack - wakening without an appetite is one of the key indicators of this, and unfortunately the only way to overcome it is to eat - within an hour of wakening. Are you drinking coffee on wakening by any chance? If so I'd ditch that, or at least save it to have with breakfast. Then around 2pm I'd suggest you plate up a template meal, eat from it what you can (ensuring you get a little of each food group), and then wrap up the remainder to eat as soon as you feel able - your appetite will soon adjust and you'll be on a 10am, 2pm, 6pm schedule before you know it.

Hope this helps.

As an aside I'm moving your post to the Trouble-shooting section for a better fit - The feedback section is more about feedback on the site/forum etc rather than on your meals :)

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