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Day fourteen....the food dreams begin!


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Ok, two weeks in, feeling great, loving life, energy out the wazoo, mentally focused....blah blah ....

I had read in ISWF, and heard about most having weird food dreams and thought I was immune until last night when I had one of the most vivid dreams in my life....

Started out me getting a glass of water and for what ever reason I put a package of Splenda in it, stirred with a spoon and took a sip ( I have never done this in my life!). Didn't swallow it and spit it out immediately, saying " what the $&@$ are you doing? That's not compliant!!!" Whew, that was close

Then I was at my aunt and uncles making microwave pop corn.... ( again not my thing) and I started to eat some, chewing, chewing......spit, thhhhhhpppppptttt, ptttt,ppttt ahhhhhh.... "What am I doing, I can't eat this, thank god I didn't swallow!!!!!!!!"

My aunt looks at me and says "what the hell is wrong with you, eat your popcorn!"

I can't!!!!!!

" why not"

It's not protocol!!!!!!!

Then she starts with a guilt trip " you mean I made this whole meal for you and you aren't going to eat?!"

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