Got another college girl to join whole 30!


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SO excited, had to share!

It is day 19 of my whole30 and I am feeling fabulous! After watching our dorm's drunken candy binges and blackout nights, one of my friends decided yesterday that she would do the whole30! SO GREAT! I really wanted someone else to be doing it with me at the beginning and now I will be a source of encouragement for her!

By the way, whole30 has been the best thing I could have done! Other aspects of my life: school, internship, job, etc have just been so amazing!


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That's so great Courtney! I am hoping to do the same! I am also a college student and have not shared that I am doing a whole30 with my friends in fear they will think im crazy but maybe not!! So proud of you for staying strong when being surrounded by all of that! (that is normally a downfall for me) so great job!! can't wait to hear how you are doing by day 30!!

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