Whole30 Approved products in Canada...

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I live in Toronto and I was just wondering if anyone knew of anywhere to get some of those convenient compliant foods like Tessamaes, Epic Bars or Chomps in Canada. I have looked in so many places and shipping is usually an arm and a leg. 

I suppose I could make a trip to Buffalo but I would really prefer not to as that seems like a far way to go for sauce, hahah. 

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Thanks for the  resources, ladyshanny!

Nicky05, I've also found quite a few compliant things at my local organic market. I'm in Edmonton so I'm sure you'll have different stores out there in the centre of the universe ;-) but I'll bet you can find quite a few. Try a Google search for 'Organic Market Toronto'.

Happy hunting. And a belated Happy Canada Day to both of you!

Canada Flag.png

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