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PMS and Hunger


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Larger portions and/or mini meals are fine (yes, even both if you need them). If you're hungry, eat. Bump your meal sizes up to the top end of the template if you're not already, or even bigger if you want -- so aim for minimum two palm sized portions of protein, two portions of fat, and lots of vegetables. More starchy vegetables may help too -- if you usually only have a serving a day, maybe have some at each meal. If you're still hungry, it's fine to have mini-meals or even extra full-sized meals. We can't really tell you exactly what will work for you, you'll have to experiment some and see, but don't worry if it feels like you're eating huge amounts of food. This won't last forever, and it's something your body needs because as far as it's concerned, it's getting ready to possibly grow a small human, and it wants to be prepared for that.

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Thank you! I wasn't sure if so many mini meals would be a problem, but it should really only be for a day or two. I guess as I get further into the Whole30 I can trust that my body is telling me what he needs right now, even if it feels like a lot more than the rest of the month. 

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