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Day #7 and BG is perfekt

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Day 7 and still going. I have only had one day of real "omg this sucks" and that was because we were flying at 4am and all I had was a Lara Bar and a banana. But I was trying to be totally compliant. When we got home, there was no food in the house...none... I had a BG low and had to use the emergency gel. I know there's sugar in it, obviously, but I'm not counting this against my program. When the option is eat the sugar or die (literally in my case), I'm eating the dang sugar. We went to the store and got everything needed for meals and BG lows.  I had no withdrawal symptoms following that small amount.  Nothing like day 3...I thought I might need a padded room and an Exedrin the size of Manhatten on day 3.  Now...I'm looking forward to getting my new pit barrel smoker so I can hang a weeks worth of meat, make it tasty, and not have to actually "cook" :lol:

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