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Sarah's 1st whole30 July 2


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Day 1

breakfast: spinach frittata 

lunch: grilled pork and salad

Snacks: almonds, nectarine

dinner: steak and salad

first day has been ok but have a cracker of a headache. I don't normally eat a lot but I feel hungry today and feel like I need to add something more into my meals. 

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Day 9

Feeling great! Have been obviously slack keeping a journal, but first 3 days where awful. I was so hungry and had the worst headaches. Next couple of days I was just a bit tired but probably from day 6 I've been feeling good. Getting in a good routine with cooking and keeping things simple. 

I had amazing success over the weekend being out at events and not being tempted at all by food around me and I am normally a terrible grazer at gatherings. Just really feeling good and looking forward to seeing what kind of results I get. 

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Day 31

So i made it through and finished the 30 days. The last week and a bit has been tough. Skin breakouts, exhausted and generally feeling pretty ordinary. Definitely the middle two weeks were the best. I feel it is going to make it a little hard to evaluate as i reintroduce foods as its not a clear cut feeling of great anymore, but still very happy with the progress i made in general. A big part of doing this challenge for me was to get back to basics. Prepare real food and start eating properly again and i have certainly achieved that. I lost 4kg and a few cm from my bust hips and belly. Clothes are fitting better and definitely less bloated.

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