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TMI! Bell peppers = diarrhea attacks

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Warning: Click the "back" button on your browser if you don't want to read about poop.

All right, Whole 30. We've had some times. The first week, I consumed so much kale and spinach my poo turned bright green. It was like that scene in Jurassic Park where Ellie Sattler is digging through mountains of triceratops dung. 

Then there was the realization that coconut oil is like caveman Ex-Lax. Note: If someday you are trapped on a desert island with nothing but coconuts to eat, pray that you have also brought along some emergency TP.

And now, the bell pepper. So innocent. So beautiful. Contemplating the question, "How the hell do I consume this tuna salad sandwich minus the sandwich," I got the brilliant idea to pack it into the two halves of a bell pepper. Portable? Check. Pretty? Check. Far tastier and more veggie-ful than a sandwich. Excellent hand-held lunch material.

But not 20 minutes later, an ominous gurgling from the stomach area. And then disaster. I thought for sure I must have eaten something expired. But no... the only unusual thing in my diet was the pepper.

In the past, I've had mild tummy upset from too much garlic, an overload of cooked onion, or the raw red onion on my salads. But even those things I can tolerate in small doses. Potatoes make me feel like there's rocks in my stomach, but apart from that, I have no reason to believe I have a special nightshade problem.

But then why did the bell peppers turn my digestive system into an angry volcano? I would like to know what compound may have caused this issue so I can avoid it in other foods or somehow figure out how to eat bell peppers without the indigestion, since they're so tasty and convenient.

Anyway, thank you for indulging the question. If you've read this far you must have a good sense of humor about poo, and I respect you for that.

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The fact that you said that onions and garlic also bother you leads me to believe you're somewhere on the continuum of people who do not tolerate nightshades.  The fact that you have some mild upset from some items and that you can tolerate things in low doses tells me that you may want to figure out your own tolerance level... the skin on potato is also problematic to people with nighshade intolerance.  Why do you think if you have trouble with onions, garlic, red onions, potato and apparently red peppers that it couldn't be nightshades?  Sometimes the sound of hooves is a horse, not a zebra... 

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