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6 minutes ago, Ouisie said:

Hello Ladies - 

I will try to keep up with you Julyfivers even though  I am a bit "older" than you guys - I started on June 29th!

I too waver on how to live life after the W30. Outside my 'unintential reintro' of gluten yesterday - I am trying to be intentional with my choices. So far I have evaluated two challenge foods - wine and gluten - and it is amazing what that stuff does to you. I will be Intentionally adding back legunes next week in the form of my favorite Navy Bean Soup with W30 ham. Will keep you posted on the results.

thanks for letting me sneak in on the thread.

Of course you're completely welcome!!! The more the merrier and the more support and experiences we share the better!!

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Whoop! Day 30 everyone :) I feel good and can tell my body has changed for the better. After four years of struggling to lose weight after my thyroid quit on me, there is hope that I can have a manageable healthy weight. I hope everyone is proud of themselves! My favorite result: not feeling the sugar high and low and cravings anymore. I'm still experiencing some lower GI issues, but I think another 30 days of mostly compliant eating will help to heal those as well. After today I will switch over to posting on misshannah's JulyFivers thread for reentry. Thanks to you all for your kind caring and support!


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Day 30! 

I had a hb egg w/homemade mayo, a bit of roast beef, a whole garden tomato with freshly picked basil, and a banana for M1.

M2 is hard salad with all kinds of veg, guac, homemade compliant thousand island dressing, more hb eggs (that I will make into deviled eggs with that dressing), pumpkin/sunflower seeds, manzanilla olives, no sugar applesauce

M3 is probably salmon and tangy slaw and sweet potatoes. 

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That's great misshannah. I have not ventured into homemade mayo or dressings yet. Cooking is new to me! I've never cooked so much in my life -- I've been single and a working woman for nearly 30 years and always ate out except for maybe breakfast. This has been a steep learning curve and that's one reason why the book helped me because it gave specific cooking instructions for the kitchen-challenged like me!

I only had a banana and a handful of walnuts for breakfast and a cup of black coffee. No time. I have left over roasted chicken thigh, one half sweet potato and brussel sprouts for lunch with unsweetened applesauce for lunch. Dinner will be ground beef with garlic and onion, one half backed potato and green beans, cherries to finish.

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22 minutes ago, Sister.Journey said:

 Dinner will be ground beef with garlic and onion, one half backed potato and green beans, cherries to finish.

One of my most favorite dinners of all. I like the beef on top of the green beans and/or the potato! 

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Congrats !!! :)  What great role models you guys are.  Just watching your journals gives me the inspiration to keep on plugging to stay within my plan.

About those dressings - I could not make it without them. I do a double recipe of W30 Mayo and make a batch of Ranch dressing and Avocado Mayo and sometimes Tarter Sauce - each week.  The Ranch Dressing jar is usually claimed by my hubby Joe. He puts it on regular salads and the Cabbage Salad (that I also make each week) from the W30 book.

I know what you mean about cooking - The only time I have cooked more was when I had a catering business !!!! I have gotten into pre-planning my weeks meals and doing a 2 hour cook-up on Sundays.

See you over in the July Fivers post. 

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