Starting tomorrow - feeling nervous

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Starting tomorrow, feeling nervous. I've never had much success sticking to things but I really really want to get control of my sugar dragon. Tonight is food shopping and prep - I have 3 days of meals prepped out. 

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On Day 4 - it's been a mixed bag of results. My energy has definitely been more stable in the day... Yay! My tummy has been a bit bloated and sore, but today seems to be much better. 

Have a couple of questions:

1. I've been sleeping really badly - lots of vivid dreams. For the past 3 nights waking up around 2/3am. I don't normally remember my dreams or have problems waking up. And I cannot get out of bed in the morning. Thoughts? My coffee consumption has gone down significantly as I'm not having my mid afternoon energy slump and the resulting large americano

2. I work out most days - 1 hour/moderate intensity/weights and cross training style. I used to always have a Vega protein shake and sweet potato post workout. That's gone now due to the stevia and pea protein. I've replaced it with chicken and sweet potato. And overall my protein consumption has increased. But my muscles are not recovering as normal. I normally have some soreness 2 days post workout. Now I'm sore within 4 hours. My workout's have been the same, perhaps a bit on the easier side due to starting this.

Would appreciate any input or ideas. Thanks!

Also looking for a buddy for the cravings and some extra support. Next week I'm travelling to Kenya for work so it's going to be a tough week for doing the Whole30. Lots of work meetings and no ability to cook.



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