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Energy drinks? Soy/canola oil as ingredient.


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Post Whole30. On my 5th day. I WILL NOT go back to eating the way I was.

That said, I have two questions for experienced Paleo eaters.

I used to fall asleep in church every Sunday. Our pastor is not boring, I just could not seem to stay awake. Back then, I was downing 2-3 energy drinks A DAY, every day. Anyone think it's a huge deal if I drink an energy drink before church on Sunday mornings only, just to get me through the service? I hate to embarrass my wife or be a bad example for my children with the intermittent napping. I had one and stayed awake no problem. I try to get plenty of sleep most every other night (I usually wake up on my own after 7 hours), but Saturday nights I'll sometimes work till 3:00am and have to be up at 8:00 to get ready for church. The energy drink seemed to help a lot yesterday. If I do, do I drink the sugar-filled one? Or the low-carb one with artificial crap? (As I type this question, it sounds dumb to even me, but I've gotta be able to stay awake during church. Non-negotiable).

We've noticed some "may contain soybean" warnings on various foods. Finding Whole30 compliant salad dressing was an exercise in futility. How strict should we be on foods containing soybean and/or canola oil? I'll never cook with the stuff again, and the amounts we might consume will be very low. Just curious.

Thanks for any responses. :-)

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I would not drink energy drinks ever. The most stimulant I would use is a couple cups of coffee or tea in a situation where I needed to be awake for a special event, but I've found another method that I think is better... Lying on my back with my feet up a wall for 5 or 10 minutes wakes me up and keeps me alert for at least an hour. I don't know why, but it is a reliable yoga trick for me.

I just make my own salad dressings. It is easy... olive oil and some balsamic vinegar with a few spices and done.

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